The party before the storm

As I stepped out of the Mirage Hotel and Casino ballrom to take a phone call, I looked back inside and realized something. There were more PokerStars WSOP qualifiers in that room than the entire field of players in the 2003 World Series of Poker. And, that friends, is something.

Tonight, held its qualifier welcome party. Good food, good drink, good times, all before we let loose the air from the balloon and see where it flies tomorrow.

Keep your eyes here for all you updated PokerStars news. In the meantime, here are a few pictures from tonight's shindig.

Greg Raymer, Shirley "Siren" Rosario, and Chris Moneymaker

PokerStars Dan Goldman says hello to the crowd

The crowd takes a look at PokerStars staff members

PokerStars staffers, Sharon, Tamar, and Conrad

PokerStars staffers Courtney, Kristin, Nolan, Lee, and Rich

If you're a PokerStars and guitar player, keep your eyes open for this custom PokerStars Fender Telecaster (if I don't steal it first)

Dan schools some players on the finer points of tournament play