Time to get busy--play by play

Okay folks...for the rest of the night, it is substance over style. No pictures, no fancy wordplay. Just hard core numbers and hands. These are the players we know for sure are playing right now in the 92 remaining. Continue to click refesh and scroll down for the next few hours for updates.

Chip counts will be updated as they are available
Bob Larsen
Steve Marx-$1.7 million
Radu Butan-$850K
Larry Prugh-$250K
Jim Olson--
Jarl Lindholt--$90K
Bernard Lee--$415K
Shane Bartholomew
Greg Raymer--$1.3 million
Kevin Kaikko--$750K
Jon Lane
Daniel Bergdorf--$700K
Derek Dix--$410K
Brad Kondracki--$1.2 million
Raymi Sanchez Thorn--$2 million (very approx)
Jake Minter

8:36pm--Just moments ago, Greg "Fossilman" took a $400K hit. He and his opponent checked a 753 flop. Fossilman check-raised the turn, a king. The opponent called. The river was a six. Greg called a big bet and his opponent showed 89. The six filled in the gutshot. Raymer now sits just above the average stack.

8:56pm--Fossilman just rebounded in a very big way. Greg made a full house (sixes full of jacks) on a Q6J/4/J board. One can only guess Greg's opponent had a jack, because he called a $250,000 bet on the river. Raymer now has pushed his way back to more than $1.3 million.

9pm--Steven Marx just took a half million pot after busting out a fellow PokerStars qualifier. Stephen bet $35,000 pre-flop on his pocket Queens. Jim Olson, with eights, called. The flop didn't help anyone. Steven bets $50,000 and Jim, from Fair Oaks, California, went all in. Nothing on the turn and the river brings Steven an extra Queen - just for good measure. Jim went home in 91st position. It made him $77,100 richer but meant he just missed the $91,950 given to the man who went out next.

9:08pm--Jon Lane, with top pair (queens) just went bust to Mike Matusow who made a se of fours. The online star is on his way to pick up his real winnings, $91,950.

9:22pm--Brad Kondracki, sitting at the featured table, just doubled up. He got all his money the flop. He had middle pair with a flush draw. His opponent had a higher flush draw. The flush never came and Kondracki's middle pair was good. He now has about $1.2 million

9:34pm--Players are on a 30 minute break.

9:39pm--Radu "rbutan" Butan is in juliant mood. It's only a few hours until his birthday, he's already assured of taking home $100,000 plus and he's just taken out Can Kim Hua. He said: "I had Kings, he had A9. I went all in for $300,000. I ended up with a set of Kings on the river."

9:41pm--Software engineer Stephen Marx is also exhuberant. He has more than $1.5 million. He said: "It's been a grind but just picked up a nice hand from Mike Matusow. He put in $475,000, I raised $300,000 and he folded."

9:57pm--Steve Marx is part of the table that has been moved under the TV lights. He's in the one seat. Mike Matusow, who recently dedicated $400K of his stack to the Marx cause, sits in the nine seat.

10:08pm--We've just crossed the six-digit payout mark. Everybody out from here on out will get more than $100K. Eighty players remain.

10:12pm--Shane Batholomew has been eliminated. All-in pre-flop with JJ vs. K9, the flop came down 669. Shane had to avoid a king or nine. The turn was an eight, but the river was a king. His opponent and his railbirds exploded. Bartholomew walked away in disgust.

10:37pmPlay has slowed down a bit. Raymer is accumulating chips by picking up small pots here and there. Sventy-eight players remain in this contest.

10:42pm--Jarl Lindholt just layed down jacks, pre flop, after a big re-raise from the player two seats to his left. "That's the first hand I've seen in two hours," Jarl says. His opponent shows queens.

11:03pm--Steve Marx just doubled up an opponent. Marx held KQ on a KJ3 flop. He and his opponent got their money in. Marx found himself up against aces and couldn't find a king or queen on the turn or river. Seventy-seven players remain. In other news, Radu Butan, sitting on $800K in chips, says Phil Ivey is bullying his table. FPP qualifier Jarl Lindholt is now down to $220,000. He got involved in the big blind, calling a button raise, and then bet $100K looking at a 5c-7c-8d board. Original raiser moves in, Jarl passes.

11;13pm--Raymi Sanchez Thorn just had to lay down a hand pre-flop when an opponent moved in for about $300,000. Raymi probably lost the minimum, round about $100,000, and still has a stack too big to count accurately.

11:21pm--The impassive Larry Prugh just took a neat pot off Phil Ivey after re-raising Ivey's $30,000 raise. Ivey folded.

11:26pm--Another great pot for Larry Prugh . Larry, with KJo, limped in for $12,000. The guy in seat nine made it $60,000. Larry smooth called. The flop came down K-J-6 giving Larry pair of Kings. The raiser bet out $50,000 and our man called. The turn card was an Ace. Larry's opponent checked and Larry made it $80,000 to go. The opponent. flashed AQ. Larry, out of courtesy, showed his KJ. Seventy-four players remain.

11:59pm--Jake Minter just handed the remainder of his stack to Neverwin. Neverwin had a set of fives, Minter only had a gutshot draw. Neverwin ended up making a full house on the river and sending Minter to the rail, more than $100,000 richer. In other news, Jarl Lindholt is on the ropes. With the blinds at $6K/$12K with a $2K ante, Lindholt sits at $90K

12:06am--As the 20-minute break began, the word spread quickly. Greg Raymer was all-in. The action was elusive, but as we converged, the board showed AJ8 with two spades. Tex Barch had $120K bet in front of him and Raymer had announced he was all in. Tex labored over his move for five full minutes before mucking his hand.

12:16am--Bob Larsen's been having an up-and-down day. The 24-year-old from the Milwaukee area started with $800,000, went up to $1.2 million, down to $900,000 - and then just went down to $400,000 after a horrible hand where his Aces lost out to QK.

12:26am--I stood and listened as Greg Raymer and Tex Barch discussed the hand that took place just before the break. Poker players lie, so I don't know whether to believe any of this. Raymer claims he was holding the same hand he won last year's WSOP with: 88. That would've given him a set of eights. Barch claims to have had AJ for two pair. We report, you decide who is lying.

12:29am--Bob Larsen, as mentioned above, was short-stacked. On a flop containing two diamonds, Larsen got all his chip in the middle with a J8 of diamonds. He gets called by AT of diamonds, and has to draw to a non-diamond J or 8, neither of which came. Larsen placed 72nd and takes home more than $100,000.

12:32am--Radu just took a $170,000 pot off Phil Ivey. With $92,000 already in the pot, the flop came down A-3-4. Phil raised $80,000, Radu went all-in, Phil folded.

12:55am Not a lot of action from our players right now. We're keeping tabs on them. Looks like there are 63 total players remaining in the tournament.

1:01am-- A crushing beat for Larry Prugh. All-in pre-flop with KK, Prugh sees his opponent has AK. The flop was fine, but the turn was an ace, and the river was not a king. Prugh is left with just $250K.

1:01am-- Daniel Bergdorf just doubled through after not playing a hand since Reagan was president. Sixty-two players remain.

1:11am--Raymi Hernandez thorn has now transferred to the feature table and knocks a player out on the first hand since the move. His sixes make a set on the flop against the all-in player's A-K. Thorn has a bunch of chips.

1:15am--Fossilman has been cut in half after his KQ was outkicked by AQ. Raymer has somewhere near $700K now.

1:24am--Play has ended for the evening. Full chip counts and such will be out when the official count is in.

Brad Willis
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