Who is Team Blog?

You might have noticed some different voices here on the Official PokerStars Blog. We realized early on that the Main Event of the WSOP would be too big for one man to cover. Hence, we formed Team Blog to take care of business.

Team Blog: (from left to right) Howard Swains, Mad Harper, Brad Willis, James Hartigan

Howard is focusing exclusively on the players who come from the other side of the Atlantic. Mad is the roving reporter, picking out the best stories from the field. I'm running back and forth, camera in hand, finding our folks and typing like I'm a crazy person. James is the man with the microphone, picking up good interviews whenever he can and reporting back to you with the audio blog.

I should also thank the folks who relieved me last night when I fell into a fit of fatigue that almost ended in me sleeping on the featured table. Dave, Kevin, and our own Lee Jones (dubbed Team GoFer Star) were life savers. Thanks, guys.

Now, back to the floor.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in World Series of Poker