World Series of Poker under way

Blog Headquarters is empty this week while we tune up the engines in preparation for some hard core World Series of Poker coverage. I spent the weekend in Vegas as the World Series kicked off. I'll have more on the scene later. I'm re-charging my batteries on the coast for a few days before jumping fully into the fray.

Until then, though, I've received word from PokerStars base camp that six players who--until a couple of weeks ago--had never played for real money on PokerStars have scored WSOP seats. Among the six is the unlikely story of regiT21 who had fallen to just 686 in chips by Level 11 in a WSOP new player freeroll. Against the odds, regiT21 tripled up, then tripled up again, and by the end of the level had 58,000 in chips. He went on to win his entry to the WSOP. We'll be keeping an eye on regiT21 come Series time. He could be the next poker miracle.

Oh, and for everyone who plans to play in any WSOP event this year, this note: There are no bathrooms in the giant cathedral that serves as the tournament room for the 2005 World Series of Poker. If you're playing next month, you may want to start practicing holding your water now. Otherwise, plan to miss two or three hands every time you run acoss the vast expanse of tables and railbirds, out into the convention center, and to the nearest bathroom.

Or bring a bedpan.

Back in a few days or when breaking news warrants.