WSOP Day 1B Begins

It was like a battle scene from a war movie. Hundreds of warriors, running through the smoke and to the battlefield. Here, the smoke come from the cigarettes in the corridor instead of bombs. Here the battlefield is green felt instead of jungle. Here the warriors are WSOP competitors, soldiers with chips.

For the poker media, it's like a rerun. We saw all this yesterday. For the players, it's fresh and new, like a childhood birthday morning. Their eager faces are what make it new for the rest of us.

Sorry for the delay in posting. Chip counts are hard (see the post below for yesterday's PokerStars results).

I've been out on the floor a bit this morning and spotted some familiar faces. I thought we could begin the day with a little photo gallery.

Erin Ness, Team PokerStars

Jarl "Virus1975" Lindholt

2003 WSOP champion, Chris Moneymaker of Team PokerStars

Veteran John Bonetti, already giving a dealer the business

Evelyn Ng, Team PokerStars

Steve Stolzman

Pete "The Beat" Giordano

Michael "anakinso" Goodman

Back in just a bit with a fresh audio blog from James Hartigan, some thoughts from Moneymaker, and a picture that fans of Evelyn Ng won't want to miss.