WSOP Day 5: All Day Play by Play

Okay folks, another day of substance over style. Here's your play-by-play for the day. Today, the most recent updates will be posted directly below the chip counts. Good luck to our 11 remaining players. HEY LOOK: The WCOOP schedule is out.

Chip counts (updated when available)
Blinds $20,000/$40,000 with $5,000 ante

Daniel "berka" Bergsdorf $2.3 million
Greg "FossilMan" Raymer Nearly $2.3 million
Brad "bogey54" Kondracki $1.6 million
Bernard "Dogger9" Lee $820,000

Radu "rbutan" Butan $750,000
Steve "smarx" Marx $500,000
Raymi "DingDingDing" Thorn
Kevin "ShuMoney" Kaikko
Derek "Bob&TomShow" Dix
Larry "TheKid1948" Prugh $166,000
Jarl "virus1975" Lindholt

9:37pm--Brad Kondracki just won a monster $3.16 million dollar pot. The action pre-flop is unclear. The flop is A36. After his opponent bet, Brad pushed all in and got a call. Brad shows AQ to his opponent's AJ. The AQ held up and Brad became one of the chip leaders.

9:30pm--Brad Kondracki's fan club is having an effect. After checking pre-flop, Brad called Ted Barch's $100,000 bet. Brad checked again after the K-A-9 flop, then called Ted Barch's $120,000 bet. With more than $400,000 in the pot, Brad went all-in after the turn brought Qc. Barch folded.

8:47pm--Brad Kondracki's fan club has just flown in from Pennsylvania to join his family cheering from the rails. Mike Leggieri and Yale Klat are both fellow law students at Penn and both taking credit for getting Brad where he is right now. "It was my computer he learned to play poker on," said Mike. "Yeah, but it was my room that had the internet access," said Yale.

8:36pm--Bernard Lee is playing super tight. In the past level, he's played one hand past the flop and that was the last hand of the level. In the big blind, Lee faced a lone caller from the button. Lee uses his option to raise an additional 60K. The button called and they saw a flop of 8s4c7s. Lee checked, the button bet out 70k, and Lee called. The turn came a 3c. Lee bet out 100K and the button folded. Lee was nice enough to show pocket tens.

8:27pm--Raymer is showing no fear. Two hands ago, Raymer brought in a raise from the cutoff. The button re-raised, and Greg came over the top for $500K. On the next hand, though, Greg gave most of those winnings back after getting into a little battle with the small blind. We're on a 15-minute break.

7:44pm--We have just lost doctor Radu Butan who went all-in against Greg Raymer. Radu, who won $274,090, said: "I limped in with Qs6s. The flop came down 8d-Js-2s giving me a flush draw. I checked, so did everyone else. The turn brought 7d. Greg Raymer immediately bet $100,000. I went all in for $500,000 which Raymer called. Raymer had 5d6d so we were both on the flush draw but the river brought Jd."

7:44pm--For fans of Neverwin, Dustin just busted. All in with AKs, Dustin got called by TT. The flop came down AKx. The turn was a horrible ten. The river didn't fill up our man and he departed in 32nd place. Nice job, Dustin.

7:20pm--Brad Kondracki just eliminated the 34th-placed finisher Bing Wang and picked up another $400,000. Wang went all-in before the flop with A9. Brad called with pocket Queens and got the set with a flop of Q-A-2. An Ace on the turn gave Wing trip Aces, but Brad the full house. The Pennsylvania boy now has $1.6 million.

7:02pm--We just lost Steve Marx. Our man had ace-ten and there was a ten on the flop, but when a queen turned - matching the one in Phil Ivey's hand - it was all over for smarx. He took 35th position for $274,090. Nice job Steve.

6:42pm--It is without a doubt the most exciting thing that's happened in this room all day long. While we're unsure of the exact action pre-flop, it appears the three-seat raise and the lone female left in the field, Tiffany Williamson (sitting on two million in chips), either called or re-raised. Right beside her, Greg "Fossilman" Raymer pushed in every bit of his stack, somewhere in the neighborhood of $1.3 million. Williamson, who has developed a reputation for agonizing over calls before folding, thought for between 5-10 minutes. The tension in the room built. Twice, Williamson grabbed her chips and acted as if she might move them in. On the third time, she grabbed a stack of $50,000 chips and put them in the middle. Raymer flipped up KK. She flipped up AJ. The entire room exploded. Screams of "Raymer is all in" filled the room. As the board came out, the tension and electricity in the room was more than palpable. It felt as if it were dripping from the ceiling. The dealer laid out card after card. By the river, Williamson was drawing dead to an ace which never came. The room, which had fallen silent, exploded into cheers. The Fossilman was back. Greg now sits on nearly three million in chips.

6:42pm--Greg Raymer just doubled up. Story to come.

6:31pm--We're back from break. Blinds are up to $15K/$30K with a $5K ante.

6:11pm--Squeezed between Tex Barch and Mike Matusow, Brad "bogey54" Kondracki is playing it cool after his miracle win 90 minutes ago. Now on $1.2 million, he's only really played one hand which gained him a $300,000 pot. With a club flush showing on the turn, Brad bet $100,000 against pre-flop raiser Tex Barch. Tex folded - whether wisely or unwisely, we'll never know.

5:56pm--Going on a 30-miunte break with 37 players left.

5:50pm--Vultures and cameras just descended on Bernard Lee's table, but they left hungry. Lee laid it down pre-flop when the bullying chip leader set him all-in. He has around $820,000 now.

5:44pmChip counts updated.

5:03pm--Daniel Bergsdorf just won a pot that looked to be in the neighborhood of $1.7 million or more. He flopped a set of fives and got all in against AQ. UPDATE: Bergsdorf now has more than two million in chips. Make that 2.4 million.

4:56pm--I just saw Bernard "Dogger9" Lee in a dead sprint for the men's room. The only words I heard as he flew by were "Nine hundred." I took that to mean he has $900K in chips. Nice job, buddy.

4:42pm--Greg Raymer just gave Radu Butan a birthday present in the form of a double-up. Radu got all in with JJ. Greg had KT. Butan's jacks held up. Happy birthday, Radu!

4:29pm--Raymi Thorn just went from hero to zero in a few minutes. He had more chips than any other PokerStars player. The final nail was getting all in against Ireland's Andy Black. Thorn had kings, Black had aces. The board was no help. Thorn left in 42nd place for $235,390.

4:25pm--Brad Kondracki just borrowed Steve Marx's horseshoe. Trying to pick up the pot from the button, Kondracki pushed in the rest of his chips, 600K with 9To. He ended up against pocket kings. And then Kondracki went and flopped the straight. Okay, boys. Let's save some horseshoes for the final table. Half the horses in Vegas are walking around barefoot right now.

4:19pm--Raymi Thorn just lost some of his chips after calling an all-in with A3. He was no match for AK

4:17pm--We're calling Steve Marx the Miracle Kid. After flopping the straight just a few minutes ago after being all-in with 7T of diamonds. Just a few minutes ago, in the small blind and facing an under the gun raise, Marx pushed all in with pocket threes. He ended up against pocket jacks. The board put out a miracle straight for him. We're still looking for the horseshoe.

4:10pm--Daniel Bergsdorf just busted Adam Friedman to take about a $200K pot. Friedman had AQ. Bergsdorf had AK.

4:01pm--Steve Marx just hit a miracle to double up. All in pre-floop with 7T of diamonds against pocket kings (some dispute...might have been KQ...regardless), Marx hit the jack-high straight with a re-draw for the straight flush. He ended up making the jack-high flush on the river.

3:57pm--Chip leader currently has 4.2 million in chips. Blinds are now $12K/$24K with a $4k ante. Play resumes now. Forty-four players remain.

3:39pm--Just before the break/end of level, Raymer took a nice-sized pot off the table. After a rough start to the day, Raymer is moving back up. I;ve updated almost all the chip counts above.

3:26pm--Just in case you're ready to start thinking about other bracelets, the WCOOP schedule came out today. Click here for more info.

2:42pm--Steve Marx just doubled through. He got all in with AQ vs. A2. The flop came down JJ4. A three on the turn gave his opponent some more outs. A queen on the river sealed the deal.

2:42pm--Kevin Kaikko has just been eliminated. He got all his chips in with AJ on an AQ2 flop. His opponent had a set of deuces and Kevin could draw his runner runner. He leaves in 47th place with $173,880. Chip counts above are accurate as of this time.

2:31pm--Greg Fossilman Raymer just busted a player. He had AK vs J7. A seven on the flop and queen on turn left Greg with any ace, any king or any jack on the river to win the pot. He spiked the ace. 48 playeres remain.

2:01pm--Derek Dix was just eliminated in 51st place for $173,880. We're sitting at 5K/10K blinds with a 2K ante. We're down to 49 players.

1:36pm--We're just back from a 20-minute break. Bernard Lee told me during the break that his double-up could've been a triple-up. You'll remember, yesterday he laid down kings and queens pre-flop, correctly feeling that his opponents had bigger pairs. One of his opponents from yesterday remembered this and laid down jacks. Lee is becoming a crowd favorite here and has been interviewed by ESPN.

1:18pm--Publishing is slow, but the action is not. Here's a quick update. Bernard Lee doubled up with KK vs 44. He flopped a set and screamed "Yes!" loud enough to be heard across the room. Greg Raymer picked up about $400K with QQ. Steve Marx, who lost a lot of chips to Kevin Kaikko has has been chipping away too re-build his stack. Larry Prugh got all in pre-flop with QTs. He flopped a queen, but his opponent, who had AQ, turned an ace. Prugh was eliminated and takes home $145,875.

1:08pm--Sorry about the delay folks. Lotta traffic on this site has made publishing difficult. Full details comiing in a sec. In short, Bernard Lee has doubled up, Larry Prugh has been eliminated. Raymer has moved up to more than a million in chips.

12:36pm-- Kevin Kaikko has just crossed the $1m mark in chips. Play folded around to Steve Marx in the small blind. Kevin Kaikko was in the big blind. Marx raised to 50K. Kaikko movesd all in. Marx called. Marx showed A9. Kaikko showed AJ. Board: 523.J.A. to give Kaikko two pair.

12:35pm--FPP qualfier, Jarl Lindholt, of Denmark, has been eliminated. He was on the short stack to begin the day and couldn't double up in time. He placed 58th and takes home $145,875. That's in addition to the money he won for taking second in a preliminary event. Very nice series, Jarl. You've made PokerStars proud.

12:22pm--Play is underway here on Day 5. Fossilman is at the featured table along with Radu Butan. Here we go, folks.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in World Series of Poker