WSOP Day 6 All Day Play by Play

Brad Kondracki and Daniel Bergsdorf make final table at WSOP!

Today, we find ourselves back at the 'Shoe. Team Blog will be on top of things and will post updates as they come in (and as the limited technology here at Binion's allows). The most recent updates will be just below the chip counts. Also, be sure to check out the WSOP photo gallery.

Blinds are $50,000/$100,000 with a $10,000 ante/ Avg. stack: $5.6 million; Chip leader: $9 million

Chip stacks correct as of 2:47am

Brad "bogey 54" Kondracki--$1.2 million
Daniel "berka" Bergsdorf--$6 million
Bernard "Dogger9" Lee
Greg "Fossilman" Raymer

Ayhan Alsancak's queens just got rivered by an ace-high flush. We have two PokerStars qualifiers at the final table of the WSOP. Details to come.

2:43am--We were almost there. Ayhan Alsancak was all in with QQ vs AJ of hearts. The flop brought an ace. By the river, Alsancak only had two outs, the remaining two queens in the deck. This time, the out came out. Alsancak doubled up and we're back to playing on the TV bubble.

2:30am--It was a hand that didn't involve any PokerStars qualifiers, but got the room rocking. Mike Matusow came in for a raise and got two callers, including Andy Black. Then Tex Barch made it one million to go from the small blind. Matusow and one caller folded. Andy Black thought about it, then announced he was all in. Barch pondered for a while before calling and showing pocket jacks. Black only had KJo. The board laid out an ace and queen, giving Black seven outs on the river, none of which materialized. Tex Barch is now the chip leader. He has more than nine million in chips.

2:00am--Joe Hachem raised pre-flop to $350K. Daniel Bergsdorf re-raised and made it $850 to go. Joe Hachem asked for a count (Bergsdorf had a little less than two million). Hachem called. Flop came down T44 rainbow. Bergsdorf checked. Hachem bet $500K. Bergsdorf announced all-in. Hachem insta-called. Bergdof showed aces. Hachem showed nines. The board didn't mess with the aces. Bergsdorf doubled up.

1:43am--We're back from a break. Kondracki has picked up some chips, Bergsdorf has lost some. There is one shorter stack that Kondracki. Ayhan Alsancak has $1.16 million in chips. Play is about to resume.

1:26amKondracki just picked off a raise from Andy Black. Andy raised in early position, Brad pushed in for a full million on the button. Andy mucked, appearing to show a pair of sixes.

1:21am--A little charity for Brad Kondracki. The Aussie in the one seat just limped in and gave Brad a free flop in the big blind. Both players checked the board all the way down. Brad made a pair of fives and won back his blind, plus the small blind and limper's bet.

12:50am--In the first half hour of single-table play, the PokerStars qualifiers have played a total of one hand each. Daniel called a raise in the big blind, then check-folded on a A77 flop. Brad Kondracki looked like he wanted to play a few times. The only time he came in, he was all-in, attacking the other short-stack's big blind. Kondracki picked up the blinds and antes with that bet.

12:27am--So, here we are. We sit and watch the final ten. PokerStars qualifier Brad Kondracki is the short stack at the table. Each time around the table costs him $220K. With just about $1.1 million, he's going to have to find a hand and get his chips in soon. The question is...what is that hand? Big stacks are everywhere. If he can survive to the final nine, he will make at least $1 million instead of $600,000. That's no small jump. However, I'm sure he knows, too that these players will show him no mercy in the blinds. For now, we'll just have to wait and see how he plays it. The man who qualified for a mere $160 stands to make a great deal of money here today. And as we already know, his dad is a VP with a large American banking firm. He'll know what to do with it all.

12:07am--And that's ten. Shahram Shublem is out. Mike Matusow raised from early position and Shahram called from the small blind for all his short stack. The big blind also called, giving them twice the opportunity to knock Shublem out or to triple him up. The flop had two clubs and, unsurprisingly, it was checked. The turn was a third club and Matusow now bet, suggesting strength. Indeed it was; he had turned the nut flush to his ace-queen of clubs and that was that for Shublem. We're going down to one ten-handed table now and there's a redraw for seats. The "final table" will still be nine, but this single table - call it a dress rehearsal - features two PokerStars qualifiers: Brad Kondracki and Daniel Bergsdorf.

12:02pm--Brad Kondracki is down to about a million after losing a pot to chip leader Andy Black. In late position, Brad raised pre-flop to 300K. Andy called. The flop came down Kc8c8h. Both checked, and checked again when Qs came down on the turn. With a 7h river card, Andy bet 400K. Brad called and Andy showed Ks10s for the two pair. Brad mucked his cards.

11:23pm--Conor Tate is eliminated in 12th place. He ran his ace-king into pocket kings and received no help from the board. At the same time, Daniel Bergsdorf is involved in a pot on the other table. He calls a late position raise from the big blind, then sees a flop of 33K. Original raiser bets and turn is the ace of spades. Raiser bets again and Daniel passes. Probably about a million dollar pot conceded there.

10:36pm--Bernard Lee eliminated. Three players limped around to Bernard Lee in the big blind. Lee checked his option. The flop came down K63. Everyone checked round to Aaron Kanter on the button who bet out 200,000. Bernard raised all-in and Aaron called. The turn came a jack, but the river was a six to give Kanter trips. Bernard Lee, the last man in this contest to qualify for free with Frequent Player Points, left in 13th place and cashed for $400,000. Congratulations, Bernie. You played a hell of a game.

10.25pm--Daniel Bergsdorf was just involved in his first pot since dinner. He was one of three callers after Andy Black raised, but when Black bet at a flop of 9-K-3, two hearts, Daniel became one of three folders.

10.23pm--Oskar Silow became our 14th placed finisher when he put in a raise and was re-raised for all his chips by Aaron Kanter, the chip-leader. Silow's short stack was pot-committed and he called with ace-ten. Kanter showed pocket queens and when another flopped it was as good as over.

10:07pm--Daniel Bergsdorf, after establishing himself as a human csrd rack, has not played a real pot in the past hour and 40 minutes. Tick-tock, tick-tock.

9:45pm--The lone woman in the field, Tiffany Williamson, just exited the event. She placed 15th and won $400,000. We're down to 14 players with three PokerStars qualifiers remaining.

9:41pm--Now in the top 15, Brad Kondracki won't have any problems wondering how to deal with his guarantted $400,000. Dad, Tony, is a VP of Finance and Investments at Wachovia Securities.

9:34pm--Johnny Howard just made his 16th place exit after a heart breaking runner/runner straight beat his set of queens. Now, every player out males $400K

9:29pmKondracki doubled up at just the right time. His girlfriend and other brother just showed up to round out his entourage. In this environment where nearly every turn of the card makes you want to cry in despair or triumph, a support system is required. Come to think of it, I could use a little backing here myself.

9:11pm--Brad Kondracki vs. Tiffany Williamson. Kondracki has AK to Williamson's A3. A king on the flop of K94 does the job. The turn (9) and river (4) didn't help Williamson and Kondracki doubled up. Ted Barch, stalking the floor during the flop and turn looked mighty disguntled and admitted to having at least one 9, which would have given him a set plus.

9:11pm--Bernard Lee just stole a pot from Tex Barch. Tex Barch raised pre-flop and Lee pushed all-in. Barch thought for a bit and folded. Lee showed pocket tens...the same hand Barch folded.

9:11pm--We just lot another player in a classic AK vs. QQ race. Michael Kessler's AK lost and he's gone in 17th place. We're down to 16 players. Seven more people leave and we have a final table. PokerStars still has three qualifiers remaining.

8:49pm--All-in mania after the dinner break has resulted in the contest losing its 18th finisher. We're down to 17 players.

8:44pm--Qualifier cannibalism. On the first hand back from dinner break, Brad Kondracki pushed all in with T80 and got called by Bernard Lee who had AQ suited in diamonds. Kondracki flopped a ten and doubled through.

7:15pm--The players are on dinner break. Back in a while.

7:06pm--Daniel Bergsdorf is a card rack. Within the last ten minutes he's picked up aces twice and kings once. The latter just busted Minh Ly, who held AJ. We're now down to eighteen players and two tables.

7:05pm--The room has again been shocked beyond belief. Odds-on favorite since Raymer's departure, Phil Ivey, has been eliminated, getting every one of his chips in with JJ vs. KK. All the money went in preflop. The flop was Kxx two diamonds. Another diamond on the turn gave Ivey more outs, but they didn't come. Ivey is gone.

7:01pm--It's not an echo. Daniel Bergsdorf just found pocket aces again and got all his money against 99. Daniel had raised pre-flop and Minh Ly called. The flop came 345 rainbow. Minh bet out, Daniel raised, and Minh moved all in. Daniel thought for a bit, then called. And guess what? The aces held up. Again. Bergsdorf just doubled up.

6:57pm--Well, where kings wouldn't hold up, aces will. Just after Bernard Lee doubled up with aces, PokerStars qualifier Daniel Bergsdorf knocked out a player with aces vs. AK. Twenty players remain in the contest.

6:51pm--Finally...finally a piece of good news from Benny's Bullpen. Frequent Player Point qualifier Bernard "Dogger9" Lee got all his chips in the middle with AA vs. QQ. After starting every day for the last three with 40% of the average chip stack, Lee had just $800K left. The board came down JJ832 and Lee doubled up, much to the delight of his entourage on the rail. Lee now has in the neighborhood of $1.6 million.

6:22pm--Brad Kondracki just lost a $2 million pot and is down to 750K. After a 8s6c5s flop, his opponent Conor Tate went all in. Brad called. Tate had 10s7s, giving him a flush draw and straight draw. With Kc7c, Brad had king-high and an open-ended straight draw. The 6s on the turn gave Tate a flush, and the 9s on the river gave him a straight flush. Kondracki is crippled.

6:00pm--Joe Connor just left in 23rd place after his pocket jacks lost to pokcet aces. Twenty-two players remain.

5:45pm--Brad Kondracki just lost a $1.5 million pot against Mike Matusow. In a battle of the blinds, Matusow flopped the nuts with 57 on a 486 flop. Matusow bet out big on the river. Kondracki called, then mucked when Matusow showed him the nuts. I'm bordering on depressed.

5:40pm--In news from across the room, it appears pocket kings aren't treating our PokerStars qualifiers very well today. Daniel Bergsdorf, with KK, got a short-stacked opponent all in. The other guy had 88...and rivered an eight.

5:38--As we sit in our lamentation, the action is simultaneiously riveting and heartbreaking. Tim Phan was just eliminated after getting all in with TT vs. AQ. The flop came down ATx. The turn was a queen...and so was the river. All around me, the question is the same. Why do we even play this game? Worse, why do we watch this game?" We're down to 23 players.

5:25pm--When the bad beats hit this hard, it's sometimes easy to forget what else is happening. We should not forget that even though Raymer has departed, PokerStars has three other qualifiers who are still in the fight. Law student Brad Kondracki, marketing man Bernard Lee, and the man from Sweden, Daniel Bergsdorf, sit on the other side of the room, building their stacks and fighting to make it to the final table. Team Blog is on top of the action there and we'll be reporting all night long on the qualifiers' progress.

5:16pm--Although play continues here, the room is in a state of sick silence. While I will readily admit being a Raymer fan and supporter, I'm not being biased when I write that a majority of this room was behind Greg and hoping, like the rest of us, that the world champion would make a repeat appearance at the final table. The heart that fell on the river to crack Raymer's kings sucked the energy right out of the room. Barely a half hour removed from the hand that essentially ended Raymer's chance at a second WSOP bracelet, the world champion said he wouldn't have played the hand any differently. There was no reason to. He said, "Even after the raise, I was almost 100% certain I had the best hand." And he did. He was more than an 80% favorite. It was not to be. And frankly, it seems Raymer is handling this better than the rest of us. In his exit interview with ESPN, Raymer said, "I try not to think of poker in terms of results. I think in terms of decisions and I made good decisions today." Congrats, Greg, on your performance and making us all very, very proud.

5:09pm--Greg Raymer has been eliminated. Raymer, using his patented stop-and-go move, limped in pre-flop. On the flop of KK7 with two clubs, Greg moved all-in. His opponent called with 55. Greg has A9o. Greg needed sevens, nines, aces, or running clubs. The turn was a king, giving Greg three more outs. The river was a deuce and Greg Raymer was eliminated in 25th place.

4:44pm Greg Raymer just took a very bad hit. UPDATED: Greg raised pre-flop and got called. The flop came down came down 356 rainbow. Greg bet half the pot and his opponent called. The turn was a seven of hearts, putting two hearts on board. Greg bet out half the pot again (330K), Greg's opponent made it 900K to go. Greg put his opponent all-in for his remaining 700K. The opponent called. Greg had KK. Opponent had a flush draw with QJ hearts. The river came down a deuce of hearts. Raymer's stack is crippled. He has about $400,000. Greg said of the odds during the break, "Eighty percent of the time, I'm the chip leader or close to it. Twenty percent of the time, I'm in bad shape." With only $400K left, Greg knows the situation. "It's a one-move stack. It's all in or fold."

4:30pm--The players here seem to want to play against the world champion. On a flop of K53 with two spades, Black bet out a million. Raymer mucked. The camera didn't allow us to see what Black showed. One report has one of the cards being a red ten.

4:23pm--Tom Santori has been eliminated in 26th place. We're down to 25 players.

4:19pm--Facing what appeared to be an early position raise, Daniel Bergsdorf called. The flop came down J72. The raiser checked and Daniel bet out. The raiser called. The turn came down as a king. The raiser decided to be tout 300K this time. Daniel thought for a bit, then called. The river was a queen. Check, check. Daniel showed QJ for two pair. The raiser mucked. The pot was well more than $500K.

4:06pm--The pre-flop action was a little unclear, as the tournament director is ont calling the action today. When we picked up the hand, Raymer was in a pot with KJ3 with two diamonds on the flop. Turn is a six. Joe Connor moved all in for... Raymer, glasses off, decided to chat Connor up a bit. While Greg thought, his championship bracelet reflected the TV lights. Raymer though for several minutes before giving up the pot.

4:06pm--Raymer came in for a raise on the button. The big blind called. Two jacks came down on the flop. The big blind checked, Raymer bet out, the big blind folded.

4:05pm--Phil Ivey took a bit of a hit. After check-raising the Australian member of the field Joseph Hachem, to $500K, Hachem moved all in and Ivey folded.

3:52pm--Per Hilderbrand has been eliminated from the featured table. We're down to 26 players.

3:52pm--Controversy on Brad and Bernard's table in the second hand of the day. Mike Matusow raises from two off the button and the player to his left calls. Shahram Shublem, in the dealer chair, passes after thinking for a couple of minutes. The small blind and the big blind, Bernard, pass. When the flop comes Ac-8c-7h, Shublem bangs the table, stands up and begins talking to friends on the rail. Matusow says "You need to shut the **** up when you're not in a hand," and Shublem reports The Mouth for swearing. They both get ten minute penalties and the discussions, in which Bernard is particularly vocal, continue long after. While the two players were absent, Brad Kondracki took down a small pot pre-flop. Bernard Lee took down a couple of pots, as well.

3:40pm--Fossilman raised in late position. Small blind pushed all in. Raymer called. Raymer has A8 vs to opponent's K7 suited in clubs. Flop is Q74. Greg needs running cards, an ace or eight. Turn is a nine. Fossilman is down to six outs, which don't come. River is a king to give opponent two pair and double him up. Ayhan Alsancak, the opponent, was the shortest stack in the room with only $225K, so that didn't hurt Raymer too badly.

3:40pm--Play has begun.

3:30pm--When you pack this many people into Benny's Bullpen, it's going to take a little time to get everything worked out. The players are seated and we're getting ready to start.

2:39pm--Play will begin some time after 3pm. Stay tuned.
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