WSOP Final Table All Day Play-by-Play

Joe Hachem wins 2005 WSOP for $7.5 million

Our two PokerStars qualifiers have finished their run at the WSOP. While we here at Team Blog would like to go drown our sorrows, we figure this is the biggest event in poker history. So, we remain and will let you know about the big developments as they happen. Click refresh all day night morning long to follow the progress. Look below chip counts for the most recent updates.

Steve Dannenmann 2nd place $4,250,000
Tex Barch 3rd place $2.5 million
Aaron Kanter 4th place $2,000,000
Andy Black 5th place $1,750,000
Scott Lazar 6th place $1,500,000
Daniel "berka" Bergsdorf 7th place $1,300,000
Brad "bogey54" Kondracki 8th place $1,150,000
Mike Matusow 9th place $1,000,000

6:44am--Joe Hachem just became the 2005 WSOP champion. He flopped the nut straight, let Dannenmann catch an ace on the turn, then got him all in. Congrats, Joe.

6:33am--We're heads up.

6:09am--Tex Barch is eliminated in 3rd place--Tex got the rest of his money in and both opponents called. His opponents checked down the board: 2T3Q9. Hachem showed jacks, Dannenmann showed 77. Tex mucked and exited $2.5 million richer.

6:09am--The sun is up. The media are sleeping. And three men are still fighting for a bracelet. The blinds are astronomical. The antes are the equivlent of five players' buy-ins. Tex Barch is on the short stack. Someone just put the over/under line for the finish Labor Day.

5:31am--The players are moving some chips around the table a bit. Feels like something may be coming. What that is, I have no idea. But something.

5:07am--With Kanter's departure comes the money presentation. My favorite quote of the presentation: "Unless you have a shotgun in your hand, back away from the money."

4:48am--Aaron Kanter has been eliminated in fourth place. He pushed all in with A9o. Tex Barch insta-called with pocket jacks. The jacks held up. Kanter makes $2 million for his efforts.

4:45am--The chip counts have barely moved. The rivers have run dry. We are getting very close to the longest-lasting final table in WSOP history.

4:14am--Good morning, East Coast. When you went to bed, we were playing the final table of the WSOP. And we're still playing. We have four players left and if we finish before 6:30am, I'll be really, really surprised.

3:28am--Aaron Kanter just caught Aussie Joe Hachem in a steal, but found himself on the wrong side of luck this time. Hachem pushed in with Q7 and Kanter called with a pair of nines. This time, no miracles would come for Kanter. A queen on the flop and no improvement put a serious a dent in Kanter's stack.

2:45am--In the past half an hour, little has happened except a mini-miracle double up for Aaron Kanter. He got all his chips in pre-flop with A7 vs. Tex Barch AQ. Two sevens on the flop pretty much sealed the deal.

2:05am--Andy Black has been eliminated. He got all in pre-flop with TT vs AK. The flop was innocuous, but a king fell on the turn.

1:57am--Steve Dannenmann just doubled up Joe Hachem. Hachem moved in with 77 to Dannenmann's AJ. The pocker pair held up.

1:10am--Heard me loud and clear. On a K&T flop, tex Barch bet out, Aaron Kanter moved all in, and Barch called with K7 for two pair. Kanter had K5 and didn't improve. The pot was 21 million and

1:10am--Yeah, they heard me. Aaron Kanter just raised pre-flop with 44, Andy Black pushed all in with A8s, and Kanter called. The flop brought an ace and eight. The turn and river didn't help Kanter.

1:05am--Well, I guess they heard me. On a flop of 596 with two clubs, Andy Black bet out and Steve Dannanmann pushed all in. After some thought, Black made the right call, showing T9. Dannenmann had A6 spades. The the turn was a three, but the six was a rabid, frothing ace that ripped the chip lead right out of Black's hands. Dannenmann just doubled up.

1:01am--Indeed, we are back from break, and not much has changed. I have forgotten what a river looks like. ESPN is going to have to hire som good editors.

12:23pm--Sorta tight in the past hour or so. We're still at five players and headed into a 15 minute break.

11:32pm--We just saw the biggest pot of the tournament and one of the biggest pots in WSOP history. Aaron Kanter flopped top set with a apir of kings, made the boat on the turn, and bet two million on the river and got a call from Andy Black. Aaron Kanter just took down a $15 million pot.

10:25--Scott Lazar has been eliminated It's unclear what Scott Lazar had for dinner, but something has adversely affected his reasoning, and after another suicidal move he's free to go back for dessert. Lazar raises again and is prepared to call all-in when Andrew Black moves in behind him. This time Lazar has the mighty queen-ten off-suit, another huge dog to Black's pocket jacks. Lazar is drawing pretty thin from the outset and receives no help. He's our sixth place finisher.

10:20--The very next hand after Daniel Bergsdorf's exit, we have another all in called. Scott Lazar raises and Joe Hachem, the shortest stack, moves in. Lazar makes a quick call, but his king-nine of spades is in big trouble against Hachem's ace-queen of the same suit. Nothing extraordinary happens on the flop and Joe doubles through.

10:03--Daniel Bergsdorf has been eliminated. Joe made it 360,000 to go from the button on Daniel's big blind. Tex Barch, in the small blind, raised to 2,000,000 and Daniel now goes all in. Daniel has jacks and Tex has tens. The flop brought a queen and ten. The turn was a eight. Daniel needed a nine or jack to win the pot. It didn't come. Daniel left in seventh place for $1,300,000. Congratulations, Daniel.

8:17--Dinner break

7:53Mad Harper just got back from a news conference with Brad Kondracki. She brought back this report.

Only at the World Series of Poker can someone show disappointment after being given a cheque for $1,150,000 but at the press conference held just after he busted out in 8th place, Brad Kondracki admitted he was slightly let down. "Well, I am feeling disappointed now, but I'll be feeling pretty good in an hour's time. I don't think I could have played my chips any differently. I did what I could."

A whole load of Brad's college friends, who flew in to Vegas today to catch his final table performance, were at the media conference whooping and cheering - especially when Brad was asked how he felt about being the best-looking guy at the final table.

There were more laughs when Brad sheepishly confessed he hasn't actually played any live tournaments bigger than a $10 buy-in before qualifying on for the WSOP. He said: "It's been kind of surreal being here. I was thinking this morning about how many breaks I've had to have just to get this far. But I also know now that I can get up there and hold my own."

"How do your parents feel about how you've done?", asked a journalist. Brad's dad Tony, standing beside his son, said he was thrilled. But Brad cut in quickly "They weren't so happy when I told them last year that I was taking a year off from law school to play poker."

7:26--Brad Kondracki has been eliminated. Kondracki moved all-in with AQ and Andy Black called in the big blind with 88. The flop came down K85 with two spades. The turn was the 5 of hearts. The river was the six of clubs. Brad took 8th place and cahsed for $1,150,000.

7:15-- Bergsdorf just lost a few chips to Andy Black. On a 397 rainbow, Bergsdorf bet out 400K, Andy Black raised him, and Bergsdorf folded.

6:44--Tick-tock. With Matusow's departure, we're back to posting and folding.

6:44--Brad just picked up a pot after re-raising Andy Black all in.

6:29 Mike Matusow is eliminated--Steve Dannenmann makes it $300,000 from mid-position and Mike Matusow, in the big blind, calls. The flop is 5-2-3, two spades, and after Matusow has a stab, Dannenmann moves in. Mike calls and shows pocket tens, while Dannenmann has A-J off-suit and will need to hit running spades or any ace, jack or four to knock out the Mouth. The turn is the four and when neither the ace nor six falls on the river (both of which would have earned a split for Matusow), it's all over for the only "name" pro in the field. He takes $1,000,000, but no bracelet. He feigns to cry, but there's no Matusow blow up today. He's actually quite gracious in defeat. You heard it here first.

6:09pm--After some hot action at the beginning, the players have calmed down a bit. Not a lot to speak of here. Well, except for the fact that they are still playing for $7.5 million.

5:43pm--My software just ate my post about a monster hand between Mike Matsuow and Andy Black. I'll do my best to reconstruct it without notes. Matusow raised pre-flop and Black called from the big blind. The flop came down J65 with two clubs. Black checked, Matusow bet out and Black called. The turn was a ten of hearts. Black bet out a million, Matusow raised to two million, and Black pushed all in. Matusow thought for a bit, pretended like he was going to call, and mucked. The hand left Matusow with $2.8 million.

5:25pm-- From two off the button, Mike Matusow makes it $270,000 to go. Steve Dannenmann, in the small blind, reraises to $1m. In a flash, Mike moves in and Dannenmann is forced to lay down his pocket fours.

5:17pm--Brad just doubled up. He raised to $450,000 . Steve Dannenman pushed all-in. Kondracki thought for a moment before saying, "I have to call." He turned over pocket tens to Dannenmann's AQo. The flop gave Dannenmann his queen, but the QJ4 flop was all spades. A deuce of hearts on the turn was no help, but a seven of spades on the river was enough to push Kondracki up to $2.6 million.

5:00pm--On just the second hand of the final table, a monster, impossible hand. Dannenmann raised pre-flop, Lazar made it a million to go. Matusow pushed all in. Dannenmann folded and Lazar insta-called, showing aces. Matusow turned over kings. The flop turned the tables, Q6K with two hearts. Matusow jumped around the room screaming. But then, the two of hearts fell on the turns, opening up the nut flush draw for the aces. Matusow couldn't look. And best he didn't. The jack of hearts on the river gave the pot to Lazar and cut Matusow's stack in half.

4:43pm--Brad Kondracki opened the very first%
Brad Willis
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