WSOP Main Event: 230 left and a long way to go

With only a few minutes on the floor at a time, Mad and I have divided the duties. She's chatting up the players while Howard and I snap some photos. Here's what we, as a group, came up with as the night drew to a close:

The new media rules here in the Amazon Ballroom have turned our slow waltzes around the dancefloor into some kind of frenetic against-the-clock breakdance. To made the dance even trickier to perform, players are being shuffled around the tables so - of the five minutes each reporter is given out in the field - roughly four minutes, 50 seconds of this is spent racing up and down the aisles in a bid to find our people and get a quick chat.

That said, we have both news and chip counts on some of the 50 or so PokerStars players who look set to make it through to Day Four. Shane Bartholomew is in fighting form. He joined Table 129 about two hours ago, saw three players of $300,000 sitting there and was so nervous that he immediately called over the cocktail waitress and downed three beers. He's now up to $250,000 after doubling up when his Queens held up against all-in Jacks and is in confident mood. "The beers calmed me down a lot and I'm now feeling really good. It's been up and down but I've made some good moves and I'm now getting respect from the table."

Shane Bartholomew

Greg Raymer is dominating his table - and the tournament - with a Super Size Me stack so enormous ($1,000,000+) that the ever-present brace of diet cokes are now completely hddden from view.

Tony "TPirahna" Pirone from Boston is now on the television table in seat 6, three down from Howard Lederer and next to The Hendon Mob's Joe Beevers. Some might find this an intimidating place to be sitting, but Pirones' $250,000 stack is also intimidating.

Tony Pirone

And then there is the telegenic Brad Kondracki, who, beyond feeling his t-shirt is too large, has built a stack that now sits around $800,000. I'll be getting him a new t-shirt tonight. Let's hope he wears it well tomorrow.

Brad Kondracki

And here are some photos and quotes from around the floor during our sprints...

Edgar "Ragde" Skjervold on $160,000 - "I've been up and down"

Jesus "JESUSITO YLO" Abreu in bullish mood on $50,000 - "I'm going to double up right now!"

Scott "xmrstyle" Bohlman - "You should have caught me an hour ago when I had $240,000, I'm down to $180.000 now"

Scott Bohlman

Willy Rugs on $55,000 - "I'm leaning on people, it's going well and I'm feeling good"

Dennis Orr on $50,000 - "It's not so good but I can come back."

Sal Calandra, looking happy on just under $100,000-- "I started the day with $45,000 and I'm on just over $90,000 now. I lost one good hand which took me down to about $20,000. But straight after that I had a really good run and won six hands in a row. But after the break, I was moved to a new table and I haven't had squat since then"

And here are a few other folks who are still in, but with whom we didn't have a chance to chat...

We'll head into Day 4 with just about 200 players remaining.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in World Series of Poker