WSOP: Shuffle up and deal

The lobby is thick with smoke. The room is as packed as it's been in weeks. And Tournament Director Johnny Grooms just announced, "The f-bomb rule is in effect. Do not use that naughty word."

Just seconds ago, the words echoed through this cavernous warehouse of poker.

Shuffle up and deal.

Within seconds, the room's cacophony collapsed into near slience, save the riffling of chips and steady hum of nervous energy.

All around the room, PokerStars players are tasting their first blind levels. It's $25/$50, with $10,000 chips to start.

Within eight minutes, a noise erupted from the back of the room. Clapping began. It was evident. Player down.

Grooms said, "One down, 5800 to go."

At our featured table today, two PokerStars players sit under the television lights.

Steve "Pokeyman" Murphy, Cash qualifier from Clearwater, FL

Jon "jonnym_NY" Minick of New York

There is a lot to see here. I'll be back in a bit after I wade across the full floor.