David Sklansky Gives Free Seminar Tonight

David Sklansky is one of the founding fathers of poker theory. His books The Theory of Poker and Tournament Poker for Advanced Players were instrumental in my poker education, as well as some other poker players you may have heard of, like Daniel Negreanu and Greg Raymer. David's publishing company, 2+2, is responsible for some of the best poker books available, including all three volumes of Dan Harrington's Harrington on Hold'Em, and David's newly-published No Limit Hold'Em Theory and Practice (with Ed Miller, of Small Stakes Hold'Em fame.)

David is one of the foremost poker authorities in the world, and is a highly coveted speaker. We are incredibly lucky to have him bring his Jupiter-sized brain into the PokerStars hospitality suite this evening, to give a free seminar about all-in pre-flop strategy.

David will begin at 6pm. I am positive that we will fill this room up to the ceiling, and there is no way I'm giving up my seat, so come by early and bring your notebook.

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David Sklansky to speak in PokerStars suite
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Brad Willis
@BradWillis in World Series of Poker