Faces of the WSOP: Assani Fisher and dananddan

I continue to spend a lot of time in the PokerStars suite here in Vegas meeting some of the top players on PokerStars during the "Be on the Blog" series. When there's time in the middle of the action here, I'm trying to let you see some of the faces behind the online avatars. Here are a couple more.

Assani Fisher (aka "jwvdcw")

Assani Fisher is another one of the young guns who have recently discovered they can make more money playing poker than working a 9-5 job (he gave up his job working for a cable company earlier this year). Now, he's out here at the World Series with a plan to solidify his place in the poker world. Having already won his WSOP main event seat on PokerStars in a Sunday $650 satellite, he's now focusing on the preliminary events here. The former college basketball player and guitar enthusiast has recently started winning some big money. He and a buddy have rented a house out here in Vegas and are hoping to run well. By the way, he's already cashed in one event.


"I'm not sure if there is anybody who has played more sit and go's than I have."

Knowing full well how bold a statement that is, Dan seems pretty confident that he's right. His status as a Supernova VIP Club member on PokerStars would add a lot of weight to his claim. Nonetheless, he doesn't say it to be cocky. For a pro poker player, Dan is a pretty humble and likeable guy. The pro lives here in Vegas and has already secured his main event seat on PokerStars.

Want to get your face on the blog? Stop by the PokerStars suite at the WSOP during one of the "Be on the Blog" sessions and introduce yourself to me.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in World Series of Poker