How I Spent My Summer Vacation

by Wil Wheaton

In the two weeks that I've been here, I've learned that it's perilously easy to lose your mind if you don't get away from the poker room at least once a day, so I thought you may want to see some behind the scenes snapshots of how Otis and I spend our dinner breaks, or those late nights after the tourneys have broken for the day and we need to burn off some energy before going to sleep.

Milwaukee's Best Light is the official beer of the WSOP, and they have this tent in the back with a bunch of bar games, including this really silly bowling game that Otis, Pauly and I have made a lot of fun with prop bets.

Someone thought that selling subscriptions to the Review-Journal in the Poker Kitchen would be a great idea. I think that someone may be looking for a new job.

If you play video poker, your drinks are "free." We play a lot of video poker.

Otis hits quads at least once a week. He's a video poker card rack, and his new book Quads/System will be released next year.

Pauly rebuys after failing to hit his two-outer. Otis is chewing on quad cash.

The Tilted Kilt is a fantastic pub with really great beers on tap, and excellent bar food. We have most of our high-level meetings there, and it's become one of our sanctuaries when we get a break.

The Tilted Kilt has Arrogant Bastard, but they also make a really good black and tan.

Yep. That's just about everything you need to know about me and Pauly.

BLUFF Radio's Jason "Spaceman" Kirk is on his way to winning yet another eating-oriented prop bet in the cafe at the Gold Coast.

Sometimes, we walk outside, and are reminded that there is still natural beauty in the world . . .

The Main Event starts in two days, and things are about to get Crazygonuts. There are about eight thousand players who saw that rainbow and they want the pot of gold (and bracelet) at its end. We will trade dinner at Tilted Kilt and late nights at the Cafe in the Gold Coast for eighteen hour shifts in the Blogger Bunker, and do everything we can to put you right here with us. There's no need to thank us; that's just how we roll.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in World Series of Poker