Inside the PokerStars Hospitality Suite

While I like to paint pictures with my words, I'd like to take advantage of the 1000:1 ratio offered to me by my digital camera, so here are a few shots of "the office":

You'll never forget where you are, thanks to this handy carpet!

We're having a raffle in the suite, where you can win this guitar, autographed by Joe, Chris and Greg. You also get a shot at a pretty cool computer, too.

The whole suite is, and there's a plasma set up where you can occasionally watch me play when I get a break from my grueling couch-based activities. If you're wondering what our new software looks like, and, uh, you can't just open it in your own computer for some reason, here's a chance for you to experience it firsthand.

Here's a closer look at the guitar. If you squint, you can imagine that it's suspended in mid air by bubbles and magic!

PokerStars is providing all sorts of food and drink for PokerStars tournament players, every day. If you've qualified on PokerStars, come on by and grab some snacks.

Oh, we also have the obligatory chips and pies, of course. If you move quickly, you can even beat me to the table.

And here is where I, your humble writer, get all the hard work done.

Today is the first day since I've been here that the suite isn't periodically stormed by other members of Team PokerStars. I think that probably has something to do with everyone staying up until about ten o'clock this morning to watch the final table of HORSE.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in World Series of Poker