PokerStars hosts biggest WSOP satellite in history

PokerStars is hosting the biggest World Series of Poker main event satellite in history. As I type, 7,377 players are fighting for an astounding, record-breaking 234 PokerStars WSOP packages.

Just consider this for one moment...nearly 7,400 players. In the Rio Amazon Ballroom, it would take four Day 1 flights to even get this event off the ground. On PokerStars, everybody is playing at once. Before the sun comes up on the east coast, 234 people will be celebrating their future at the World Series of Poker.

PokerStars started off by guaranteeing 150 seats. As it turned out, that guarantee was useless. Two hundred thirty-four seats. Amazing.

Oh, and if you bust out of the big one or didn't have time to buy in, PokerStars is going to give you one more chance. At 7:30pm ET, PokerStars is hosting a $370 second chance tournament for the WSOP.

Good luck to everybody in both of them. We'll be back later tonight with the results.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in World Series of Poker