Robert "Le Dangereux" Cohen

Frenchman Robert "Le dangereux" Cohen is a well-known figure on the European poker circuit. Larger-than-life, great fun and seemingly ubiquitous, the ebullient Parisian can always be found hanging around, laughing loudly and generally having a high ol' time with his close friend, French poker champion Pascal Perrault.

Robert turned pro just eight years ago after selling up his chain of Paris-based car showrooms. But the 58-year-old is a veteran player - he took up the game as a 12-year-old and was soon playing in dodgy back-room games in cafes all over Paris. His online career took off three years ago and he's here in Vegas as a PokerStars FPP qualifier.

His biggest win to date was 2nd in the Master Classics of Poker in Amsterdam in 1999, picking up nearly $40,000. He won another event there the following year to take home nearly $30,000.

I have to admit, I'm a massive Robert Cohen fan and will be rooting for him strenuously. He's open, super-friendly and a tremendous flirt - all qualities that go down very well with this particular blogger. He wasn't really sure what table he was sitting on when I saw him this morning but I know I'll find him. It'll be the table having a high ol' time.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in World Series of Poker