Thoughts from a Hospitality Suite

Well, it's been an incredible day here in the PokerStars hospitality suite, but it's nearly closing time, so I'm going to be heading out of here and into the land of "I don't know if I can get on the Internets."

It's going to be a crazy night here in the Amazon room, though, and I'll have my notebook in my pocket so I won't miss anything that's blogworthy. The $2500 short-handed No Limit event is down to its final two tables, today's $2000 event is still cruising along (Barry Greenstein is still quite alive, though he just split a pot when pocket aces were pushed into his, uh, pocket aces) and the cash games are still going off like crazy.

But the big event tonight, and indeed the biggest event until the main event, is the final table of the 50K HORSE event, which was scheduled to begin at nine, but is starting late like all the televised final tables.

I'll be back in the PokerStars hospitality suite in the morning, and I'll stay here until I have to head back to my hotel at 2:30 my time to play heads up against manero, who won the opportunity to play me when he finished 10th in the PokerStars Blogger Championship last month. (I'm also playing this week's TLB winner on Sunday, in a . . . wait for it . . . limit O/8. Yeah, that's going to be . . . interesting.)

Hopefully, I can find some Internets, or at least some of those Tubes I keep hearing about, but if I can't, thanks for reading and spending the day with me, in that "I was F5ing your blog" kind of way that all the damn kids are talking about these days.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in World Series of Poker