World Series of Poker: Quick trip round Europe

by Howard Swains

"Where are you from?"
"Notting Hill?"
"Where's that?"
"You ever heard of Robin Hood?"
"I've seen the Hugh Grant movie."
"That's Notting Hill."
"Yeah. Where you from?"
Etc, etc.

Matt Tailby, who is from Nottingham (which is in the middle of England, and does not have a book shop run by Hugh Grant), meets his neighbour.

Meanwhile, Dennis Kobbero, a serial qualifier for European Poker Tour events on PokerStars, has round about 45,000 in chips, despite doubling up three short stacks within the first hour. All were coin flips, all lost by Dennis.

Tom Parker-Bowles, who staged a miraculous recovery late on Day 1B to make the second day with more than 20,000, is somewhere closer to 30,000 now.

And "Action" Akshay Kumar continues to build his sizeable mountain of chips. He's in the region of 85,000 at last count.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in World Series of Poker