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Wil and I have been endeavoring to keep this blog in narrative style we know you appreciate. However, as Wil is playing today and there are three important events going on at once, we're going to run this blog like a news ticker for at least the better part of the afternoon. If you're looking for news on Joe Hachem, Premier, Vanessa Rousso, or the other 104 players playing today, this is the place for it. The newest updates will be...right below this paragraph.


9:46pm--It's over. Premier takes second place. John Gale wins the bracelet. As much as I wanted Premier to take this one down, I'm a big fan of John Gale and, after last year's disaappointing second place finish, Gale deserved the one. The heads up match was one of skill, class, and good poker. Overall, both players are champions. Tonight, though, Gale takes home the bracelet and the pride. More to follow a bit later.

8:48pm----($5,000 Short-Handed NL Hold'em): Vaness Rousso is on break in her event. She's still alive, about middle of the pack, and breathing on the final table.

8:43pm--($2,500 PL Hold'em Final Table): On our way back from break.

8:00pm--Premier doubled up Gale with 44 vs 88, all-in pre-flop. Now we're on a quick break until 8:45pm. Gale will come back with the chip lead...around 900K to 500K.

7:45pm--($2,500 PL Hold'em Final Table): Well, yeah, we're still playing heads up. Once Gale lost the chip lead, he started being much more careful. His care matched with what PBDrunks called Premier's "rockishness," is making for a longer than I expected heads-up match.

Maros "Premier" Lechman $860,000
John Gale $540,000

7:13pm--In news from the $5,000 short-handed event, Vanessa Rousso is down to the final 12 players. She sits about the midddle of the pack.

7:08pm--This time it is John Gale's turn to double up. He got in with the best hand (two pair) to Premier's jack-high flush draw. Premier missed, Gale made an unnecessary full house on the river, and doubled up.

6:37pm--Oh, boy. Premier now has the chip lead. Once again, Premier moved all-in in the dark before the turn on a flop of T7x. The turn came an eight. Gale called. Maros showed T8 for top two. Gale disgusted through his cards on the table (and floor) and showed T7. Premier now has the chip lead.

6:30pm--($2,500 PL Hold'em Final Table): Premier just got the first of a few double-ups he needs. He raised pre-flop, got called by Gale, then moved all-in in the dark with AT. Gale called with a spade draw and missed. Gale's chip advantage is now just a little more than 2-1.

6:12pm--($2,500 PL Hold'em Final Table): Well, holy cow. Premier is heads up for a friggin' WSOP bracelet. After doubling through John Gale with AK vs 9T, Premier moved up to more than $200K in chips. Then Gale eliminated Kevin Ho. Now, Premier has a serious chip disadvantage, but...jeez...the kid turned 21 three weeks ago. If he can pull this off, my mood might just be restored. Heads-up play will begin momentarily. Good luck, Premier.

John Gale $1,200,000
Maros "Premier" Lechman $208,000

5:57pm--($2,500 PL Hold'em Final Table): With Hachem gone (and, damn, if I didn't feel like he had this one), we now turn our hopes to short-stacked Premier. He just doubled through Kevin Ho with KQ vs 84.

John Gale $850,000
Kevin Ho $444,000
Maros "Premier" Lechman $104,000

5:53pm--($5,000 Short-Handed NL Hold'em): I need something to cheer me up. How about this, Vanessa Rousso is still alive in the short-handed event with 14 players remaining. She is sixth in chips.

5:51pm--I'm tired of it. I'm tired of four and five outers. Joe Hachem has just been eliminated in fourth place. With one card left to come, John Gale must have read Hachem for a bluff on a K348 board. Gale called Hachem's all in with A3 and spiked an ace on the river. Hachem, once again, the victim of very bad luck.

5:29pm--($2,500 PL Hold'em Final Table): Hachem just elimiated Alex Jacob with QQ vs Jacob's 94o. Hachem is now up over $200K in chips with four players remaining.

5:29pm--($2,500 PL Hold'em Final Table):Sorry for the delay. I got trapped int he bleachers with a bunch of rowdy Aussies. It has been a roller coaster for Joe Hachem. After Alex Jacob was crippled by John Gale (Gale flopped a queen high flush from the big blind to Jacob's bottom pair and gut-shot draw), Jacob got all his chips in with AT vs Hachem's TT. Jacob spiked an ace and put a hurting on Hachem's stack. A few hands later, Hachem got all-in with AQ ve Kevin Ho's 55. Hachem rivered a queen and doubled up.

New chip counts:

John Gale $572,000
Kevin Ho $516,000
Joe Hachem $144,000
Maros Lechman $80,000

Alex Jacob $77,000

4:48pm--($2,500 PL Hold'em Final Table): We're coming back from break in Hachem and Premier's event. I get a feeling this level will define the rest of the event. I suspect our guys will be looking to make their move in the next hour or so.

4:46pm--($2,000 NL Hold'em)--A quick update on the big event today while the players are on break. As I mentioned before, Wil is gone. But Greg Raymer, Jim McManus, Barry Greenstein, and a host of other W$ and FPP buy-ins remain in the field. As it happened, every event happening today went on break at the very same time. It gives us a preview of what the main event will look like this time next week. That is...chaos.

4:42pm--($2,500 PL Hold'em Final Table): Here are the chip counts at the break. Blinds will be going up to 8000/16000

Kevin Ho $510,000
John Gale $338,000
Alex Jacob $295,000
Maros "Premier" Lechman $152,000
Joe Hachem $110,000

4:23pm--($2,500 PL Hold'em Final Table)--With thanks to Kevin Ho, another double-up for Premier...this time A8 vs...74, I think. We're now on a 20 minute break. Premier now has around $150K.

4:20pm--Premier finally got in action again...this time doubling through Kevin Ho with A8 vs. AJ, all-in pre-flop.

4:15pm--($5,000 Short-Handed NL Hold'em)--Rousso is down to the final three tables of the short-handed event. She is sixth in chips out of the remaining 18.

4:14pm--($2,500 PL Hold'em Final Table)--Hachem just eliminated Lee Grove with K4 vs A7. A king spelled Grove's end (he was really short-stacked, so Joe's stack didn't get much bigger).

3:55pm--($2,500 PL Hold'em Final Table)--After a quiet interlude, the final table finally got a little more exciting. We're down to six players after Jeff Roberson was eliminated. His short-stack couldn't push Kevin Ho and John gale out of the pot. Ho ended up showing down pocket aces and Robeson is gone.

3:35pm--($2,000 NL Hold'em)--Wil's fast start came to a quick end. His top pair ran into a well-played set. I'll let Wil tell you the rest.

3:13pm--($2,500 PL Hold'em Final Table)--Hachem stays alive, getting his 88 in against Alex Jacob's KQo. The board brings no paint, but the turn is a jack. Hachem asks for no more paint, but is not granted his wish...another jack hits on the river. Scary, but Hachem doubles up to more than 90K.

3:07pm--($2,500 PL Hold'em Final Table)--Down to seven. Lee Markholt busted with A7 vs. Kevin Ho's K2, all in pre-flop.

2:58pm--($2,500 PL Hold'em Final Table)--Blinds are now at 6000/12,000. That should move things along just fine. Thing is, Hachem has a little more than 50,000. He needs to double up quickly.

2:57pm--($5,000 Short-Handed NL Hold'em)--Vanessa Rousso doubled up with AK vs...86o.

2:55pm--($2,500 PL Hold'em Final Table)--John Gale doubled through with A8 vs AJ after turning an eight. We are still eight-handed. In other news, Premier doubled up a short-stack. No fear, though, he got most of it back with an all-in re-raise a couple of hands later.

2:38pm--($2,500 PL Hold'em Final Table)--On the first hand of play at the final table, Greg Alston busted out with K4 vs. K7. We're down to eight players.

2:33pm--($2,500 PL Hold'em Final Table)--Okay, looks like Hachem and Premier's final table is about to begin. Here's to hoping for a bracelet today.

2:31pm--($2,000 NL Hold'em)--At the first break I ran into several PokerStars players who are all above their starting stacks. Wil has more than 4,300. Chris Bigler has nearly 3,000. Terrence Chan said he's been getting hit in the head with the deck, including flopping set over set. He's up to around 8,000. Tim "crankyman" Ramsey has been doing very well, as well, and now has around $7,500 in chips.

2:12pm--($5,000 Short-Handed NL Hold'em)-- With 36 players remaining in this event, Vanessa Rousso sits in 20th place with a little more than 40,000 in chips.

2:09pm--($2,000 NL Hold'em)--So, later, we'll have to ask Wil what he had on a hand I just watched. Wil jammed for his entire stack (more than 2000) from the small blind after facing a raise from the cutoff. Power poker? Reading the guyu for a steal? Pocket kings?

2:03pm-- ($2,500 PL Hold'em Final Table)--Okay. I lied. Like a dog. The final table is nowhee near starting. In fact, it looks like ESPN is taping interviews from events that were over two weeks ago.

1:59pm--($2,500 PL Hold'em Final Table)--Looks like this thing may get underway relatively on time. I can't have my computer tableside due to new media rules here. But, I'll run back with updates on Joe Hachem and Premier as they are warranted.

1:41pm--($2,000 NL Hold'em) Last I spoke to Wil, he had chipped up to about 2,700 in chips. He had bILiaRds sitting on his immediate left and Tim "crankyman" Ramsey three to his left. Wil is in for a tough day.

1:20pm ($2,000 NL Hold'em)-- So, I didn't ask, but Isabelle told me, anyway. She and Bruno Fitoussi shared a cab over to the event today. Remarkably, in a field that is bigger than 2,000 strong, they were seated at adjacent tables. Within two hands, Isabelle flopped the nut straight on one table. Bruno flopped two pair on the other table. They both ended up getting sucked out and left the room at the exact same time. Spooky.

12:52pm ($2,000 NL Hold'em)-- I saw Isabelle before I saw anybody today. She wore her hair in pigtails with a hat pulled down over her head. She was smiling, but not in the tournament area. It was only 12:40. I looked a my watch. "Yeah, I'm out," she said...and laughed. I told her I would ask how and she laughed her way down the hall.

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