WSOP: Bluffed by a pro?

This morning, we kicked off the "Be on the Blog" series from the PokerStars hopsitality suite. I've already decided I like this place more than just about anywhere in the Rio. It's cool, but not cold. It's hip, but not pretentious. It's just the right place to meet some folks and make them "internet famous."

Bagels warmed in the toaster, coffee steamed in the giant pots, and the leather sofas let me slip into a great sense of vulnerability. And so it happened that I met this man.

Who is this man?

A real estate investor from Michigan, he's out here in playing in tons of events, including today's $1,500 stud event. He's become so touched by the game of poker, he built a mini sports bar and poker club in his home. Strangely though, as he left to play in the event, we exchanged names (he giving me his PokerStars screen name). And that's when things got odd. Maybe it was a miscommunication. Maybe I heard him wrong. Maybe he ran a bluff on me. But now, I can no longer confirm his identity.

So, I shall spend the rest of the day trying to track him down.

As we prepare to kick off today's coverage and play, I chatted with the folks who came in for breakfast this morning. "Postively Fifth Street" author Jim McManus and I talked about North Korea and his lastest effort (a history of poker) over bagels. Luca Pagano dropped in, still bubbling over Italy's World Cup performance. Team PokerStars' newest member, Barry Greenstein dropped in for some yogurt and autographs before the stud event.

Barry Greenstein signs an autograph for a recent Hubble Freeroll winner

Luca, decked out in his specialized PokerStars-Italy garb

In short, this is the place to be. I spend a lot of my time on the tournament floor, but as the events get rolling, I'll be spending even more time in here, meeting folks like you, and putting you up on the blog.

However, be aware. Run an identify bluff on me and you're going to get called.