WSOP Event #13: Terrence Chan Final Table Updates

Keep it here for updates on Terrence Chan's performance throughout the afternoon.


3:38pm--Terrence did all he could. He jammed with AK pre-flop and Reategui called with pocket fours. A four on the flop all but killed Terrence. He never caught up. Terrence exited in 8th place.

3:37pm--Terrence is out.

3:26pm--Chan needs to double up. Although, frankly, in this setting, everyone needs to double up. Reategui has such a massive stack, it's hard to play back at the guy.

3:09pm--It's a bit crazy today. The WSOP us running the Ladies Event, a $10,000 Omaha event, the second day of the $1,000 rebuy event, and the final table of this event. It's just a little too much to consider.

3:00pm--Chan is holding strong, although he is among the players trying to overcome Anthony Reategui's massive chip lead.

2:28pm--We're down to eight players.

Early on in play, Terrence came in for a raise with AQ. A shorter-stacked opponent decided to try to steal with 75. Terrence called. The flop came with a seven and a five and put a hurt on Terrence's stack.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in World Series of Poker