WSOP Event #14: Calming down

You hear a lot in poker theory about changing gears. The small or large changes in one's game and style can take place over a few moments or a few years. Here in the $1,000 re-buy event, the gear change has to take place in an instant. After an early afternoon of pure re-buy madness (CardPlayer reports The Grinder racked up a $22,000 tab, we're back to a more traditional style of tournament poker.

While the re-buys are over, it may be tough for some players to re-adjust to playing a game where they no longer have a chance playing if they go busto.

Of particular note in this late afternoon action, Team PokerStars' Victor Ramdin went on a massive tear in the first two levels of play and took his stack all the way up to $26,000. That's right. Ramdin is just about as deep-stacked as anybody can be. He has a better than 2-1 chip lead on second place. To give you some idea of how big his stack actually is, the blinds are at a mere 50/100 right now. If we were to calculate his M just for fun, we'd find he has an M of...well, yeah...173. That is deep stack poker.

We'll be back with some pictures from the field in just a bit.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in World Series of Poker