WSOP: Event #14 Updates

With Terrence Chan now gone from the final table of the $2,500 No-Limit Hold'em event, it is now time to turn our attention to $1,000 re-buy event that kicked off yesterday. Several PokerStars players did very well on Day 1. Among those players was Team PokerStars' newest member, Barry Greenstein. Unlike a lot of players, Greenstein didn't spend a fortune in the re-buy event to build his stack. Even better, he made Day 2 of the event. That's where the problem began. See, he also had a seat waiting for him in today's $10,000 Pot-Limit Omaha event. After a night of playing hard in the $1,000 re-buy, he started taking care of some business-related e-mails.

So, the man didn't get a great deal of sleep and then had to come in at noon today, start the big Omaha event. His plan was to build up a big enough stack early that he could survive while he played the $1,000 re-buy. Fortunately, he was able to build a stack. Unfortunately, he suffered a bad beat to knock him out of the $1,000 re-buy event.

Nonetheless, PokerStars still has a dog or two in the fight. Alex Jacob and Nam Le are still in the event with five tables remaining. If you've been reading here, you know that Nam Le came very close to winning his first WSOP bracelet just a few days ago. Jacob, who took second at the Foxwoods WPT event earlier this year, is one of poker's young guns. I've been watching him play in Europe for a while. Now that he is old enough to play in the States, he's doing his best to prove he belongs on the biggest poker stage in the world. Stay tuned for updates throughout the afternoon and night.

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Alex Jacob


1:06am--Alex Jacob has made the final table of Event #14. More to follow.

1:00am--A player has been crippled. We should be done soon.

12:30pm--Yep. Still ten-handed. It only takes one hand, but the one hand isn't coming.

11:32pm--As you might imagine by the lack of updates, it's taking a long time to bust the final player of the night. We are still ten-handed.

10:42pm--Down to ten players.

10:37pm--Alex Jacob has taken a massive hit and is now among the bottom of the pack. He's going to need some help to make the final table.

10:32--Players are dropping like flies. Looks like we might have a final table soon.

10:13pm--Alex Jacob has eliminated a player. Down to 15.

9:35pm--ESPN has returned and cameras are swarming all over the final two tables of this $1000 rebuy event. With 16 players remaining, the televised final table is very, very close. For Jacob, TV is no big deal. He's already been on the Travel Channel's World Poker Tour as runner-up in the most recent episode from Foxwoods.

9:04pm--Alex Jacob has made it down to the final two tables of the $1,000 rebuy event.

8:42pm--Other event updates: Barry Greenstein and Jim McManus are still alive in the $10,000 PLO event.

8:30pm--We're back from the dinner break.

6:51pm--Players are on a dinner break. We'll come back when they do.

6:35pm--Cannibalism, I say. Alex Jacob has knocked out Nam Le.

6:09pm--Down to three tables. Alex Jacob continues to work with his big stack. Name le is lookig for another chance to double up.

4:49pm--Nam Le has been crippled after running AQ into JJ and not improving.

5:16pm--Nam Le has managed to stay alive and double up. He's still alive. Right now, though, it looks like the story of the day is going to be Alex Jacob. He's been on a massive tear for the last two days, and with four tables left, he's in the top ten in chips.

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