WSOP Event #16: Barry Greenstein and Jim McManus updates

The $10,000 Pot-Limit Omaha event is in its second day and racing toward the final table. Barry Greenstein and Jim McManus both made Day 2. Twenty-one players remain in the event. Check back here for updates on the PokerStars players progress throughout the afternoon and evening.


7:00pm--Barry Greenstein, our last horse in the PLO event, has busted out. He took a big hit earlier and had been trying to accumulate enough chips to make the final table. Finally, he picked up a hand he was willing to go with. He ran into a better hand and bounced in 13th place.

6:12pm--McManus just busted in 14th place.

6:09pm--Down to 14 players. Our guys are going to need to chip up pretty soon.

5:26pm--Down to 15 players.

Photo copyright Rob Gracie -- IMPDI
Jim McManus

Photo copyright Rob Gracie -- IMPDI
Barry Greenstein

5:00pm--Down to two tables.

4:52pm--Greenstein got involved in a big pot and eventually had to lay down his hand. He is now working with a short stack.

4:36pm--Down to 19 players. Greenstein and McManus sit in the middle of the pack.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in World Series of Poker