WSOP Event #17: Day 2 Updates

We're back for Day 2 of Event #17, a $1,000 no-limit hold'em event. Fourteen tables remain. PokerStars still has several players in the hunt. Most notably, Humberto Brenes is in the top ten in chips after a strong finish last night. Updates to come throughout the afternoon.


1:47am--Jon "pokertrip" Friedberg and Humberto Brenes have made the televised final table of Event #17. More to come.

1:09am--Oh, and of you missed the math, that means we're down to ten and re-drawing for the final table. One to go before they break for the night.

1:05am--John Phan just eliminated two players at once. Not only that, he needed to avoid a trey or a seven on the river. He called for the queen of clubs...and the queen of clubs fell. At this hour, that seems a little spooky.

12:36am--John Phan knocked out a shortstack with KQ vs 33. We're down to 12. Three more to go.

12:00am--Down to 13.

11:45pm--Picture time again.

Humberto Brenes


11:40pm--I'm not sure which is more fun: Being Humberto Brenes or watching Humberto Brenes. He just got involved in a pre-flop raising battle with John Phan. For once, Brenes got quiet after putting in his final raise. Phan thought for nearly five minutes before mucking. Then, the animated Humberto re-arrived and shook his finger back and forth at Phan.

11:20pm--Dropping like flies now. We're down to 14.

11:10am--Humberto Brenes just took a pot off Carlos Mortensen, and in the process knocked out another player. We're down to 17.

10:54pm--Not a lot of movement in the past half an hour, although Brenes has managed to chip back up to get near the top in chips.

10:21pm--Down to two tables in the $1,000 NL event.

9:56pm--Thanks to co-blogger Wil Wheaton for scouting pictures for me tonight. You'll be hearing a lot more from Wil in the coming days.

Brenes eyes the color-up

9:47pm--Pot-Limit Hold'em Update--Time to check in on the Pot-Limit Hold'em event...Katja Thater, Joe Hachem, and Nam Le are all still alive as they near the money.

Katja Thater--as reported by Wil Wheaton, someone said, "Hey, look, the last woman standing!"

9:27pm--Twenty-five players remain. Among the casualties since the dinner break, Robert "Hoogmeister" Hutchins, who busted in 41st place.

9:15pm--Since we last spoke, Humberto Brenes has dropped back a bit in chips, but "pokertrip" is making a run for the final table and is way up in second place right now.

9:00pm Annnndd....we're back. The dinner break just finished a while ago. I'm a little late getting back. Sorry. I had some issues to take care of with Fossilman. He's playing the $50K HORSE event tomorrow.

6:15pm--The dinner break is coming up here in just a few minutes. Humberto Brenes has just skyrocketed to second in chips. Looking like he's got a shot at the final table if things go right for him. We'll be back in a while with more updates.

5:45pm--Picture time!

Humberto Brenes

Victor Ramdin

William "Brett Favre" Jensen

5:43pm--54 players remain.

5:35pm--billyjex has been eliminated in 82nd place.

5:19pm--Humberto Brenes currently sits in the top ten in chips.

5:17pm--MK12 and Victor Ramdin have both been eliminated.

5:15pm--We're down below 70 players now.

5:11pm--I'm back from Bluff Radio and Blogger is back online. Updates to come.

3:41pm--We're going in the dark for a while. See above. Back in a bit.

3:12pm--William "Brett Favre" Jensen has been eliminated in 111th place, earning $3,157.

William "Brett Favre" Jensen

2:50pm--Players are dropping off like characters in Stephen King's "The Long Walk." And if that reference fails, suffice it to say, the words "Seat Open!" are being screamed about once every two minutes.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in World Series of Poker