WSOP Event #17: Final Table Updates

Final table play in the $1,000 No-Limit Hold'em event is about to get underway. PokerStars' players Huberto Brenes and Jon "pokertrip" Friedberg are both in action. Here's how they stack up as play begins. You'll find updates below the cut.

1. Mike Pomeroy 1,325,000
2. John Phan 747,000
3. Tom Hawkingberry 675,000
4. Humberto Brenes 564,000
5. Thang Luu 314,000
6. Corey Chaston 229,000
7. Kevin O'Donnell 222,000
8. Jon Friedberg 189,000
9. Michael Halford 89,000


11:55pm--Jon "pokertrip" Friedberg has won the bracelet in Event #17. More to follow.

11:15pm--As the hour grows late, the gallery is getting restless. While Friedberg has Phan 3-1, nothing can be trusted. Since the break, there have been jabs, but no roundhouses. Eventually, it will come down to the one big hand. It's just a matter of when that eventuality occurs.

10:42pm--At the break, Jon still holds a massive chip lead over John Phan. After 15 minutes, we'll see if this one ends quickly or turns into a marathon. Both plyaers are fighting for their first bracelet, so I expect the fight to be tough. Or over in one bad bluff. You understand.

10:12pm--Jon "pokertrip" Friedberg is heads up with John Phan in event 17. Friedberg has the chip lead, but Phan is a tough opponent. Good luck, Jon!

9:31pm--Picture time!

pokertrip, all-in

McManus at the final table

Greg Raymer at a powerful table in the $50K HORSE tournament

Barry Greenstein, watched carefully by the rail

Victor Ramdin in the $50K HORSE event

Tuan Le in the HORSE event

9:30pm--Jon is now second in chips in three handed play. Mike has about 300K on him.

9:24pm--Three handed in NL event. Jon ended up folding pocket nines preflop to a raise and short-stack all-in raise. AJ ended up winning the hand with a flush. Jon would've flopped a set a turned full.

9:10pm--McManus has busted out of the PL Hold'em event. Good run, Jim.

8:53pm Pot Limit Hold'em update: McManus is still alive six-handed.

8:51pm--We're back from dinner break.

7:25pm--Dinner break. Back in about an hour and half.

6:53pm--"He's playing so well right now." That's the word from Jon's friends in the gallery. Every hand it seems he's either bluffing or trapping Phan and forcing him to lay down. Jon is doing his best to accumulate half the chips in play. And he is getting close.

6:24pm--PL Hold'em update: McManus just doubled through qith KQ vs 77. A queen on the flop keeps him alive.

6:09pm--Jon just picked up a huge hand agains Phan without showing his cards. Phan had to think for nearly five minutes before laying it down. Speculation in the gallery is that Jon slowplayed a monster pre-flop or bet out with a straight and flush draw, then three bet Phan's raise. Regardless, Jon has a lot more chips now.

5:31pm--Jon picked the wrong time to make a moved and has just doubled up John Phan. T4 is not good against TT.

5:23pm--Oh, that hand moved Jon into the commanding chip lead.

5:21pm--In a moment Jon's friends have been anticipating for some time, Jon has doubled through Mike. It took a little help from the turn and Below Above calling for the perfect card, but it happened. Jon now has a lot of chips to play with.

5:15pm--Okay. Things may slow down just a bit now. Jon doubled up Phan with KQ vs 55. Jon had a lot of outs going to the river but managed to miss them all. He still sits in fine chip position.

4:53pm--Jon just picked up a nice pot. He raised pre-flop and got re-raised by Mike. Jon called. The flop came down 332. Both players checked. The turn was queen, and again, both players checked. Mike checked the 4 on the river. Jon bet out about half the pot and Mike called. Jon showed him A5 for the wheel and Mike mucked.

4:45pm--We're four handed. Jon eliminated Kevin O'Donnell. It's looking like pokertrip may be making a run for the bracelet. He's close to the chip-lead now.

4:30pm--Corey Chaston is out in sixth place. That leaves us five-handed.

4:12pm--Jon sits in the middle of the pack with six players left in Event #17.

4:07pm--Ah, good news! Jim McManus has made the final table of the Pot-Limit Hold'em event!

4:04pm--Humberto Brenes is out. This is pretty disappointing. he got AK all-in against AQ and got outdrawn. That's a seventh place finish for Humberto.

3:43pm--Pot-Limit Hold'em event update: After running small pocket pair into a big one, Hachem was low on chips and now has been eliminated from the PL Hold'em event.

3:33pm--We're going to b on break for a bit.

3:25pm--We've lost another and are down to seven.

3:21pm--Down to eight. In the meantime, Jon "pokertrip" Friedberg has started chipping up, including doubling through once.

3:05pm--It's hard to know where to look around here. There is so much action in every part of the room, it's impossible to focus. For instance, while watching Humberto and Jon fight at the final table, I got distracted by Greg Raymer in a seven-stud hand with Phil Ivey. Ivey called Raymer all the way through sixth street, then they both checked seventh. Greg showed two pair and Ivey mucked.

2:52pm--Play is already underway. We're also trying to keep an eye on Joe Hachem and Jim McManus, deep in the PL Hold'em event from yesterday. Plus, Greg Raymer, Barry Greenstein, Tuan Le, and Victor Ramdin are all playing in the $50K HORSE event. Busy, busy, day.

2:37pm--Introductions are underway. We should be playing soon.

2:21pm--As with almost every televised table, we're starting a bit late.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in World Series of Poker