WSOP Event #2: Mini-Update

Finally, we have reached what seems to be something resembling normalcy. Event #2 of the World Series of Poker has thinned out enough to allow some cash games, satellites, and side tournaments to run. Make no mistake, though. The field is still huge and finding your friendly neighborhood poker players is no easy task.

While it is a duty I do not relish, I do need to report some exits. Chris Moneymaker and Alex Jacob have departed. This quote does not come from Jacob, but someone who knows him:

"Some donkey made a terrible call. Alex had 15 outs twice, but didn't get there."

Scottjf8, apparently a popular guy (if my referral logs are any indication), also is readying himself for a trip home to see his baby. With a stack of around 800, the blinds forced him to jam in early position with a pair of red kings. A late position opponent called with AQ. The board ran out four clubs to give his opponent a flush. No worries, though,as scottjf8 will be back for the main event.

In good news, Jason "strassa2" Strasser has been riding his normal rollercoaster and at the last break had around 11,500 in chips at the 100/200 level. Greg Raymer has also been busting players and staying in the game.

I'm going back out to look for my many needles still in the haystack.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in World Series of Poker