WSOP Event #27: Losin' o' the green

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Green is a secondary color. There is no denying it. By this time in the night, when more than 2,100 players started in the $1,500 NL Hold'em event and fewer than 250 remain, the amount of green chips in players' stacks becomes simply silly. Moments ago, I heard a name pro mutter, "There's just too many quarters in play."

At the end of level eight, we reach the point I like to call the Losin' o' the Green. It's the time when secondary colors turn into a very primary yellow. The quarters get sold off for yellow-bird $1,000 chips. Players are forced to deal with watching their monster towers reduced to just a few piddling chips. It is, of course, a psychological thing. Still, psychology plays a role in this game. If it didn't, Texas Instruments calculators could sit in the poker chairs an we players could go the bar.

Fortunately, our PokerStars players are more than calculators and don't mind coloring up the greens on this twenty-minute break. I worked the floor in the moments before the break and found several PokerStars players still in the hunt.

LosersWin, fresh off winning $11,000 in a PokerStars rebuy event last night, sits on $15,000 in chips. Micon sits immediately to his right with a sizable stack as well. The man with the hard to spell, but easy to understand name, grtstprtyevr, is holding onto $14,000 in chips. Finally, I had the pleasure of meeting SamENole for the first time. He's doing very well with $25,000 in chips.

Photo copyright Rob Gracie - IMPDI

As level nine begins at 400/800/100 blinds, we're getting very close to the money. Our remaining players are going to have to run into some bad luck or a very slow bubble to miss getting paid today. We'll keep an eye on them as the night progresses.

As for the green, it's gone. The only green left in the room is going to be the cash these guys find at the end of the night.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in World Series of Poker