WSOP Event #3: A field with teeth

There was a day when a 1,200 player field would be considered flush with dead money. The solid pros would look at it and think, "If only every tournament could be so juicy."

So, today, there are more than 120 tables and, in another age, this might be considered a juicy field. However, when you compare Event #3 with Event #2, today's event looks like a shark tank. Whether it is the nature of Pot-Limit versus No-Limit or the fact that today's field is just stacked with top players, there is no way I would want to spend even $1,500 to play in this event.

And yet, there are more than 40 PokerStars players (W$ buy-ins and the like) battling with all the pot-limit goodness they can. I suspect today's field of players won't thin nearly as fast as yesterday's. Nonetheless, we're just getting started and about to enter the first break. Until the action starts getting hot, here are some pictures from the first couple hours of play.

With one cash already under her scarf from Event #2, Isabelle Mercier is back in action (and back in disguise)

"I'm all in." (five minutes later his opponent mucked and this player feigned disgust, turning over the flush draw semi-bluff)

Jim McManus

Luca Pagano

Tom McEvoy

Victor Ramdin

Jason Strasser, back in action after cashing in his first WSOP event yesterday (his bust out: KK vs QQ and a queen on the river)

Markus "LURPED" Gonsalves

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in World Series of Poker