WSOP Event #3: Day-end wrap-up

Well, once again, I've been remiss. But dang it, I'm not going to take full blame for this one. Apparently, -db- has been playing in Event #3 all day long and has a nice-sized stack going into the second day. Why didn't I spot him? Well, the guy wasn't wearing his PokerStars shirt. That makes some folks hard to spot. So, my apologies to -db-. I guess, to be fair, I should've recognized the guy.

Now, put on a shirt tomorrow, bud.

It's been a good day for PokerStars players overall. Going into tomorrow, the following players will be playing under the PokerStars banner (chip counts are approximate).

Remaining players: 70
Average stack: $23,600

-db- : 48,000
Victor Ramdin: 41,000
Eric "Rizen" Lynch: 28,000
Micon: 21,000

Play resumes at 2pm on Thursday.

Photo copyright Rob Gracie - IMPDI
Eric "Rizen" Lynch

Photo copyright Rob Gracie - IMPDI
Victor Ramdin

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