WSOP Event #31: Day 2 begins

WSOP: Event #31 and #33 Updates below the cut

As Saturday breaks on the Rio All Suite Hotel and Casino, PokerStars still has some people fighting among the 144 people left in in Day 2 of the $2,000 NL Hold'em event going on this weekend. Here's who we will be keeping an eye on today.

Johnster 128,300
Alex Brenes 55,400
Brandon Adams 53,100
JoeChicago7 37,600
sirio11 31,700
KFKYF 29,200
Micon 15,700
OzGary 8,400

In other news, Isabelle Mercier, Greg Raymer, Vanessa Rousso, Victor Ramdin, Humberto Brenes, Bill Chen, Joe Hachem, and Barry Greenstein are all playing in today's $5,000 PL Hold'em event.

Keep it here today for news from around the Amazon Ballroom and beyond.


9:32pm--Both events that we're watching tonight have fallen below the threshold that allows for live updating. (If you're not aware, new media exlcusivity rules preclude the sweating of players below the 15-table mark). We'll still be keeping an eye on our players as the evening progresses, but the live updates will end here. Here's how things stand:

($2,000 NL Hold'em)

This event is down to 40 players. What's a little scary is that they will have to play until they are down to nine. I suspect it will be a very late morning for the players left in this event. What's great is that Stephen "Johnster" Jones and Micon have both gone a tear and sit first and fourth respectively in the field. Also good news, Brandon Adams (who promised to throw on his PokerStars garb for the final table) has moved up and is now 11th in chips. KFKYF remains in the field as well. Alex Brenes, however, busted in 43rd place.

($5,000 PL Hold'em)

Nam Le continues to work on dominating the field. In the first nine hours of play, he has worked his stack up to morre than $40K from a $5K staring stack. Jason Strasser is still alive as well and sits with around $20K in chips. Terrence Chan departed shortly after the dinner break.

9:21pm--Back from dinner break. An interesting thing I saw: Despite being competitors today, Brandon Adams, Stephen Jones, and Micon all sat for sushi together tonight during their 90 minute break. A look at the room makes it look like they will be here for a long time this evening.

7:27pm--Dinner break looms. Fewer than 50 players remain in the $2,000 NL Hold'em event. Stephen "Johnster" Jones, Brandon Adams, Micon, and Alex Brenes remain in action. The $5,000 is on dinner break as well. Nam Le remains close to the top of the leaderboard. Mimi Tran, Humbert Brenes, and Terrence Chan remain there. We'll be back in a bit.

7:01pm--A little bit about Stephen "Johnster" Jones...he's currently in his senior yeat at University of Illinois. When he finishes, he'll have a finance degree with some emphasis on investments. He's living out in Vegas this summer with a number of other online players. As for investments, he invested his W$ to get into yesterday's event. Now, he's near the top of the leader board. Just before the last break, he lost a $90,000 pot after making a great read on a player. Jones held AT to his opponent's A6. The flop came out with a ten. Then, running clubs moved the pot the other way. Still, Jones has a lot of damned chips.

6:58pm--($2,000 NL Hold'em) JoeChicago7 has been eliminated in 57th place.

6:53pm--It's picture time, picture time, sing it with me, picture time.


Johnster with Brandon Adams, both still in Event #31

Johnster, protecting his chip stack

Nam Le and his massive stack in the $5,000 PL Hold'em event

Mimi Tran in the $5,000

Jason Strasser, apparently in some odd conversation with JohnSmith

6:24pm--($5,000 PL Hold'em) Isabelle Mecier has busted from the event.

6:06pm--($2,000 NL Hold'em) OzGary has been eliminated from the event.

5:10pm--($5,000 PL Hold'em) A walk through the field reveals the good and bad. The good is that Isabelle Mercier, Humberto Brenes, Victor Ramdin, Terrence Chan, Nam Le, Jason Strasser, and Joe Hachem are still in. Barry Greenstein is out.

4:57pm--($2,000 NL Hold'em)--Okay. Sometimes I have to play it a little coy until I get a chance to actually shake the hand of the guy who I'm writing about. You'll see me talking about people by only their real name or only their screen name. Now that I've had a chance to talk to Johnster, I can comfortably report his secret identity. Our man is, in fact, Stephen "Johnster" Jones.

4:51pm-- ($2,000 NL Hold'em) Okay. Though the final table is a long way away, I think I'm going to make a prediction. Johnster is going to get there. He had the chip lead to start the day and isn't giving it up. He currently has a 2-1 chip lead on second place. With 80 players or so remaining, the final table of nine is still a way off, Johnster seems intent on makng this day a good one. Here's to no bad luck.

4:49pm--($5,000 PL Hold'em) There was a mental disconnect for me. I thought for a moment that I had forgotten how to count chips. Some online sites had Nam le listed as having $10,000 in chips. My mental abacus was figuring things much differently. Finally, I grabbed Le in the hallway. "How many chips do you have?"

"Thirty thousand," he said. "A lot."

A lot, indeed.

4:30pm--Bill Chen's day is done. He never really got going and ended up going out with AQ vs 33.

4:27pm--Ran into Willie Tann. "How you doing, Willie?" He offered a silent version of "Meh." I told him I should stop asking people that question, because around here, few people are doing really well. "Maybe two percent," Tann said. And then he didn't say anything else.

4:23--($5,000 PL Hold'em)--Holy chip-collectors, Nam Le! Le has a big old stack of chips.

4:08pm--($2,000 NL Hold'em)-- A bust-out update in this event: sirio11 exited in 117th place.

4:04pm--Near a Sirius satellite radio? Check out channel 125 for Bluff Radio's WSOP show. Right now, Team PokerStars' Steve Paul-Ambrose is doing color commentary.

3:59pm--($5,000 PL Hold'em) A ray of light shines over the $5,000 event with Jason "strassa2" flopping a straight to a pair of jacks and getting paid off. In the first four hours of play, Strasser has quadrupled his stack.

3:57pm--($5,000 PL Hold'em) Vanessa Rousso has bounced from thr tournament before the dinner break. After her stellar performance in the NL Hold'em short handed event yesterday (8th place), she couldn't get rolling today and busted out with AK vs JJ.

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