WSOP Event #38 No-Limit 2-7 Draw: Fossilman Makes Final Five

by Wil Wheaton

The final table of this event is a real Murder's Row, and just before he got there, Greg Raymer took some brutal damage to his stack.

"Allen Cunningham just decimated me when we were down to two tables," he said to me a few minutes ago, moments after Layne Flack was eliminataed by Phillipe Rouas on the bubble. "We were in six hands together, and I was ahead three times, behind three times, and he outdrew me each time."

Greg is always very even keeled, and speaks to me matter-of-factly, regardless of what's happening in the game, and in the two years I've known him, today was the first time I could sense any frustration from him near a poker table.

A floorman came over, and told the players that they were moving them to a different table, to put some empty tables between them and a mass of players that would soon be moving into their vicinity.

While chip runners collected and racked the player's chips, Men "The Master" Nguyen talked with a friend at the rail about a huge call that Phillipe made with a ten nine to take a massive pot, and David Williams talked on his cell phone with a smile on his face -- pretty easy to do with all the chips he had stacked up in front of him.

"Is position as important in this game as it is in hold'em?" I said.

"Oh, it's more important. Knowing how many cards your opponent is going to draw is a huge advantage," Greg said.

The break was nearing an end, and I felt like I was dangerously close to imposing on Greg, so I put my notebook into my pocket, and said, "Good luck, man."

"Thank you," he said.

"Have fun," I said. It's such a stupid thing to say to a professional player, who has just been crushed by bad luck, and is tantalizingly close to picking winning another World Series Bracelet, but it is also something I tell my friends when they're playing, and I said it automatically. "Er, I mean, have fun if you can," I said, and walked out of the tournament area before I messed up his mojo.

As I wrote this, Greg picked up some chips with an all-in move from the big blind against Daniel Alae who open-raised and folded to the push. David Williams just eliminated Allen Cunningham and Eliyahu Levy on one incredibly sick hand, and now there are just five players left. Greg has 90,000 as they go to their dinner break, and his work is cut out for him, but I'm cheering him on as hard as I can.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in World Series of Poker