WSOP Event #5: Joe Hachem updates

Joe Hachem continues to fight in what is arguably the toughest field of any WSOP event yet. The $2,500 short-handed no-limit hold'em event is down to fewer than 27 people and Hachem is still alive.

Some of the biggest names in poker worked their way through the big short-handed field and will battle down to the final table before breaking for the night.

Hachem is playing the same game we've seen him play before. He's measured and picking his spots carefully. It has served him well in the past. Now, it's time to see if he can make another WSOP final table.

5:10pm--Had to step away to tell some Sirrius radio listens how good Rizen is. Bluff Magazine is doing live radio from the floor and they wanted t talk about Rizen's performance in Event #3. From my perch in the radio booth, I was able to keep an eye on Hachem. In thie field of top pros, there are 20 players remaining at the 2005 WSOP champ is one of them.

5:30pm--The tables are consolidating and Joe Hachem is moving seats. Man, I hope this keeps up. We could be in for one heck of a final table.

5:33pm--Oh, and who is sitting directly on Joe's right? Yeah that's Daniel Negreanu with a huge stack. Just a few minutes ago, Negreanu laid a sick beat on Russ "Sooners" Floyd (cracked his aces with KJ). Now, we'll see if Hachem can fare any better against the Kid.

5:41pm--Weee! Hachem, short-stacked, got all his money in with A2. Negreanu called with KT. While Negreanu had a lot of outs on the turn (Hachem refused to look at the cards being dealt), he didn't get there. Hachem has just doubled up.

5:49pm--Hachem just kissed Nolan Dalla. Seriously. It was on the cheek, but I think there was some real emotion there. Why? Well, Hachem just knocked out a player and nearly doubled his stack again. A7 vs A4 with a seven on the flop.

6:03pm--Down to 12 players. Players are on a ten-minute break. Hachem has in the neighborhood of 100,000 in chips. That's a short stack, but not so short that Hachem can't do some damage with it.

6:09pm--Blinds are going up to 2000/4000 with a 500 ante. Negreanu is still dominating the field with more than 400,000 in chips. The six players below him are all around 200,000. Currently, two players have fewer chips than Hachem's 110,000.

6:22pm--Michael "anakinso" Goodman just busted Gavin Smith with AA vs. Smith's 77. Eleven players remain.

6:49pm--So, how is Hachem doing? Well, I'd say he's doing well. He's managed to chip up and stay ahead of the blinds with some blind steals and one well-timed checkraise from the small blind. About half an hour until the dinner break. Many of the players would like to play through dinner, but the decision has to be unanimous and Joe says, "It won't be unanimous. I haven't eaten today."

7:01pm--Hachem's chip-up work has been erased by a pre-flop raise and continuation bet on a king high flop. Michael Goodman called the flop bet. Both players checked down the board and Goodman showed Hachem KT.

7:18pm--Time for the dinner break. Hachem offered his opponents the opportunity to play through dinner if they gave him 100K in chips a piece. The players, surprisingly, declined. Hachem played even for that level and sits at about 100,000 in chips. Back at 8:30pm Vegas time.

8:25pm-- The card will be back in the air shortly. Hachem is still pretty short-stacked and is going to need a double up or two to get back in this thing.

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8:39pm-- Daniel Negreanu has busted one of the 11 remaining players. We're ten handed. Hachem has chipped up a little in the first ten minutes of this level.

8:55pm--Hachem just doubled up when he needed it. He got pocket nines all in pre-flop vs. Michael "anakinso" Goodman's ATo. Hachem, refusing to look at the board, didn't see the board run out a win for him. Regardless, Hachem now has some chips with which to play.

9:20pm--Dutch Boyd just busted a player at the other table. We're now nine-handed. Hachem's table has the five, the othe table has the four.

9:40pm-- We're on a short break while they color up the 500 chips. We'll be back shortly.

9:50pm--Hachem just made a good call from the small blind after the button pushed all in. Hachem held pocket jacks to the button's A8s. Everything was fine on the flop...then the board ran out runner-runner eights. Hachem has just been cut in half and is short-stacked again. That pot would've sent Hachem to the final table, almost certainly.

11:00pm--As you might be ablee to tell by the lack of updates...very little has been happening. Hachem has been chipping back up, but no short-stacks will die. We are still nine-handed and have to lose three more folks before we break for the night.

11:14pm--Boom. And boom. We lost two players...including Daniel Negreanu, who just had his aces cracked by a set of sevens. He might have been the unluckiest person around today. The final seven will now play at one table until one person busts out.

11:46pm--We are tantalizingly close to the final table. Michael "anakinso" Goodman nearly broke an opponent with set of fives vs AQ on an A5x flop. The short-stack has managed to double up a couple of times, but he is still nearly dead.

12:00am--Joe Hachem makes final table of WSOP Event #5. More to follow.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in World Series of Poker