WSOP Event #6: Final table updates

The final table of Event #6 will begin shortly. PokerStars has two players at the final table of this $2,000 No-Limit Hold'em event. Twenty-one year-old Vanessa "suckoutqueen" Selbst and poker pro Nam Lee have the chips to cause some serious damage at this table.

1. Kevin Petersen $1,130,000
2. Mark Vos $528,000
3. Vanessa "suckoutqueen" Selbst $492,000
4. Thomas Hunt III $468,000
5. Nam Le $323,000
6. David Wells $275,000
7. J.R. Reiss $222,000
8. Willard Chang $219,000
9. Carlos Mortensen$213,000

Feel free to check back here over the course of the day for updates on how our players are doing.

************UPDATES BELOW**************

11:04pm--It's over. Le just finished in second place. Mark Vos wins.

10:34pm--We're on a 15 minute break.

10:29pm--Things are turning ugly for Nam Le. He just doubled up Vos qith QJ vs 77. Vos now has the chip lead.

10:10pm--Nam Le just lost a very big heads up pot with top pair to Mark Vos' king-high flush.

9:29pm--We're heads up. Nam just busted J.R. Reiss. Le turned a straight to Reiss' top pair top kicker.

9:20pm--We're three-handed thanks to a tough beat Mark Vos put on Thomas Hunt. Vos limp-re-raised all in from the small blind with J6 nto big blind Hunt's A3s. Two sixes on the flop crippled hunt. He was out on the next hand.

8:55pm--It's always the quiet ones you have to watch out for. Nam was quiet for most of the day. Now, he's knocking people off. Willard Chang is the victim...his K3 was no match pre-flop for Le's KQ. We're four-handed.

8:50pm--Kevin Petersen will likely wonder for a while how he could begin the day with so many chips and still leave in 6th place. In large part, he lost when his queens couldn't outrace Nam Le's AK. Still, it's a long way to fall and the disappointment showed on his face. We're five-handed now.

8:30pm--Blinds at this level going up to 15K/30K/5K

8:20pm--Just coming back from the dinner break. Nam maintains a comfortable chip lead.

6:00pm--Nam just about knocked out J.R. Reiss. Rice held 77 to Nam's pocket jacks, all in pre-flop. A seven hit on the flop. Not a big hit to Nam's stack, but still, not ideal. Players are now going on a dinner break.

5:52pm--BOOOOM. Le gets AK in against the chip leaders queens and spikes a king on the river to become the BIG stack at the table.

5:46pm--One big stack at a final table is making for some very tight play. Nam Le has been playing a pretty tight game. He finally got to show down a hand a bit ago that moved him from last in chips to second place. Still, with the exception on the one big stack, most of the players at the table are pretty even. It's this kind of final table that is the reason why blinds go up.

4:59pm--An aside: There are probably a lot of reasons Barry Greenstein joined Team PokerStars. He put his reasoning as simply as he could: "Since the last three winners of the WSOP main event are on the Pokerstars team, and I plan to win it, I decided to show ultimate confidence in myself and join Pokerstars ahead of time."

Indeed, sir.

4:53pm--Nam Le currently in last chip position, but one double up and he could be among the leaders.

4:49pm--You know the worst time to represent aces? Well, yeah. Whe your opponent has them. It's even worse if you have 5-2. It's even worse if your opponent makes quads. Indeed, that's what happened with action-lady Vanessa Selbst. She's just bounced in seventh place after an ill-timed bluff against Kevinn Petersen. Vanessa earned more than $100,000 for her performance.

4:48pm--The suckoutqueen is gone.

4:37pm--With the break behind us, the blinds are now bigger...12K/24K with a 4K ante.

5:13pm--And, once again, to a break.

3:52pm--That pot moved Vanessa into the chip lead or very close to it.

3:48pm--By the way, if you're keeping score (and, aren't we all?), Vanessa has knocked out both players who have been eliminated from this event.

4:46pm--Well, the suckoutqueen is living up to her name. She just busted David Wells with K8 vs. KT.

4:22pm--My kingdom for a flop! That is to say, play here is quite tight. One player was heard to remark, "I'm about to fall asleep up here."

3:50pm--The suckoutqueen just knocked off one of the top pros in the world. She came in for a raise with A9s, Carlos Mortensen jammed with with pocket sevens. Selbst called and spiked her ace on the flop. Mortensen is out in 9th.

3:42pm--With the blinds now 10K/20K/3K, we should start seeing the kind of action that keeps things moving.

3:25pm--Now that the secret is out, I feel comfortable letting everyone know, Barry Greenstein has joined Team PokerStars. I just have one word for this one: WOW.

I've seen Barry, Greg Raymer, and talonchick playing the O/8 event today. Let's hope they all do well.

3:21pm--With the exception of one double up for David Wells, the action has been less than hot so far. We're on a break for 15 minutes. Perhaps a blind level change will heat things up a bit.

2:56pm--I don't want to pre-suppose anything, but I think our PokerStars' players may be polar opposites. Nam Le seems to be playing tight poker, and Vanessa seems dying to get in the action. Not only that, she seems to want to control the action. She's chopped a huge pot with QQ vs. QQ. She told me last night she is more of a cash game player than tourney player. Regardless, she seems to be doing well today.

2:37pm--We will be starting with the blinds at 8000/16000/2000

2:17pm--By the way, while we're waiting for the TV folks to get ready, I have a secret. A really big secret that I'm only going to tell you folks about. As long as you all promise to keep it under your hat, I'll let you in on it. Seriously, I think this is big news. What is it. Go see for yourself.

Photo Copyright Rob Gracie -- IMPDI

Photo Copyright Rob Gracie -- IMPDI
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