WSOP Main Event: Calling Table 249 (from the biggest satellite in history)

They took part in a historic event and they all made it through. And now, like veterans of a war (which they pretty much are), the players of Table 249 are hoping for a reunion here at the WSOP. Dwayne "Barron5" Ronson and the guys from T249 all won seats to the main event in the PokerStars' 150 WSOP Seat Guarantee held on Sunday, July 16th - which just happened to be the biggest satellite in history.

Dwayne "Barron5" Ronson

So for these survivors (a total of 234 won seats), playing against a field of many thousands is nothing new. They have already beat off competition from 7,143 players and given that the WSOP field is only a thousand or so more than that, they probably won't be as phased by the sheer scale of the event as many out there in the Amazon Room. Although actually seeing thousands of other players, rather than sitting happily in front of your computer screen, will be a rather different experience.

So, Dwayne, a 38-year-old supervisor at the OLG casino in Brantford, Ontario, is keen to meet his co-winners and we have a tentative plan - guys, if you're reading this, please come to the PokerStars hospitality suite at 11am on Day 2b (Wednesday) and we'll see if we can hook you all up.

As it is, Dwayne is already $800 up on his trip to Vegas. He played a No Limit tourney at Caesar's a couple of days ago and came 16th out of a field of 360 players. And last year, he came 19th in a $1,000 WSOP event to win $5,000. Dwayne has been playing poker a long time - ever since his dad gave him a deck of cards and rack of chips for his sixth birthday. The entire Ronson family: Dad, Mum, three Aunts, four Uncles and 25 cousins all play poker - and every Sunday night, there is a Ronson home game at someone or other's home. In fact, the only Ronson who doesn't play poker is Dwayne's brother Michael. "He just never got into it", said Dwayne. "He likes to work out. That's his hobby."

And just to remind the Table 249 veterans, the meet-up will be at the PokerStars hospitality suite at 11am, Day 2b.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in World Series of Poker