WSOP Main Event: Day 1A Dinner Break Digest

Otis' Note: I'm so pleased with Team Blog, I can barely stand it. The bloggers on this team are kicking out the best coverage I've seen in ages. If you're trying to catch up, here's a list of all the news from the first half of Day 1A. Players are headed on a 90-minute dinner break and will return at 8:30pm PST

DAY 1A Photo Gallery


Silencing the voice of self-doubt (Wil Wheaton)

Itching to play (Craig Cunningham)

Begin the beginning (Howard Swains)

Main Event Day 1A Begins (Brad "Otis" Willis)

PokerStars Qualifier Updates

PokerStars: It's Everywhere (C.J. Hoyt)

Don't get involved too early (C.J. Hoyt)

Furious Action (C.J. Hoyt)

The Hot Glare (C.J. Hoyt)

PokerStars at Featured Table Coverage

Where's Table 67? Oh, yeah! Under the lights. (Craig Cunningham)

Team PokerStars and Big Name Coverage

Wil Wheaton Pre-Game Interview (Dr. Pauly)

Emad Tahtouh Update (Ali Lightman)

Emad's Crazy Bluff (Ali Lightman)

Keep Cool With Luca Pagano (Howard Swains)

Zen Patience and Barry Greenstein (Team PokerStars update) (Dr. Pauly)

Brad Willis
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