WSOP Main Event: Day 4 Wrap-Up

27 PokerStars Players Fighting For Bracelet

Saturday was simultaneously a day of soul-crushing disappointment and great hope. 2005 WSOP Champion Joe Hachem was eliminated after having his aces cracked. Still, with 135 players remaining in the World Series of Poker, PokerStars players are running strong and make up 20% of the field. What's more, dozens of PokerStars players have finished in the money and are taking home hundred of thousands of dollars.

2006 WSOP PokerStars Winners List
Day 4 Selected Chip Counts

Here's a list of PokerStars remaining players and their chip counts:

Kyle Bowker 2,272,000
Dmitri "DinoDaPro" Nobles 1,270,000
John Ma 1,250,000
Brian "LXIXME17" Hansen 1,200,000
Eric "Rizen" Lynch 1,085,000
Mark Garner 1,040,000
Cuong Do 1,000,000
Dave "RoundTower" Murray 991,000
Doug Kim 941,000
Rick Mombourquette 911,000
Cheng Yu 876,000
Humberto Brenes 835,000
Dan Nassif 702,000
Debra Lalor 700,000
Iago Lopez 600,000
Steven Goodemote 569,000
Raphael Doromal 536,000
Brian "artoface" Nadell 523,000
Chris Back 416,000
Rob "boilingfish" Berryman 413,000
Aaron Baltzell 386,000
Sean "biggie05" Johnson 360,000
Reuben Peters 344,000
Paul "moledaddy" Greim 317,000
Paul Coles 239,000
Arturo Morales 222,000
Carlos Lopez 200,000
Cory Butler 150,000

Arturo Morales

Brian Hansen

Brian Nadell

Cheng Yu

Dan Nassif

Debra Lalor

Dmitri Nobles

Raphael Doramal

Kyle Bowker

Paul Greim

Rob Berryman

Rick Mombourquette

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The big question remaining right now is how fast the field will thin from here. The WSOP tournament directors hadn't planned on players busting out so fast. In fact, there are fewer players remaining in the field now than were expected to remain at the end of play on Sunday. Still, with nearly 90 million chips in play, there's a good chance the bust-outs will slow down as deep-stack play takes over.

We'll be back at noon on Sunday to see how our remaining PokerStars players will fare in Day 5.
Brad Willis
@BradWillis in World Series of Poker