WSOP Main Event: Day 5 Updates

11:32pm--Play ends for the night

Players are bagging thier chips. Nine PokerStars players remain in the field of 45. With blinds at 15000/30000/5000, the players have approximately"

Eric "Rizen" Lynch 1,950,000
Mark "MGCAPRI" Garner 1,800,000
Doug "technologic" Kim 1,335,000
Brian "LXIXME17" Hansen 1,350,000
Rob "boilingfish" Berryman 1,250,000
Cuong "StackChipz71" Do 1,100,000
Dan Nassif 1,035,000
Kyle "kwob20" Bowker 885,000
Humberto Brenes 635,000

We'll have an official full chip count on PokerStars players as soon as we can. Day 6 will begin at noon on Monday.

11:31pm--Sean Johnson eliminated

Sean Johnson has been eliminated in 46th place. Play has ended for the night.

11:15pm--Raphael Doromal eliminated

PokerStars qualifier Raphael Doromal is out in 47th place. He earns $164,932.

11:11pm--Dave Murray eliminated

All-in pre=flop with deuces, Murray ran into Jamie Gold's pocket tens. The flop gave both players a set. Murray had one out that didn't come. Murray is out in 48th place, earning $164,932.

11:09pm--Cheng Yu eliminated
All-in pre-flop with AJ vs. kings, Cheng Yu had a glimmer of hope when a jack flopped. That glimmer turned into a black hole when the board didn't improve his hand. Yu is out in 49th place, earning $164,932.

11:04pm Play resumes--Players are back from the break. The rumor is we're playing this level or down to five tables, whichever comes first. Of course, rumors are just rumors. if I had reported the last rumor I heard, we wouldn't be playing right now.

10:43pm--Rizen sits atop PokerStars WSOP leaderboard

Is it any surprise this guy has more than $2 million in chips and more than any other PokerStars player left in the field of 49?

Eric "Rizen" Lynch

10:35pm--30 Minute break for color up

We're breaking for half and hour while the TDs color up the $1,000 chips. After that, we'll play the last level of the night.

10:21pm-Agony and Escasty for Dan Nassif

When the money went into the pot, Dan was ahead with his pocket 9's against AK. But when the flop came down AQ6, Dan's day was nearly done. A 9 on the turn, however, doubled Dan back up and he's now cracked the 1 million chip barrier.

10:17pm -- Doug Kim flirts with $2 million

Under the gun limps, folded around to small blind, who completes, and Doug Kim checks in the big blind. The players check down a board of 8AJJK to the river. It's checked to the player under the gun who bets 150,000. Doug Kim calls with J4 (The Jackhammer!) and takes down the hand. He is now just short of $2 million in chips.

10:05pm-Doug Kim plays Cowboys

Doug Kim found his pre-flop raise called by the 6 Seat. He checked the 3d2h5h flop and so did his opponent. When the 3 of clubs fell on the turn, Doug bet out at it and his opponent folded. Doug showed pocket Kings and now is approaching 2 million chips.

10:00pm--Cheng Yu battered and brusied

Cheng Yu is now regretting calling Jeff Lisandro's all in. Yu had top pair with a jack kicker. Lisandro had...well, he had the nuts (ace-high diamond flush). Yu is crippled.

9:46pm-Doug Kim Knocks Out O'Reilly

Scott O'Reilly moved in for his last $375k, and Doug Kim called with AsQc vs. the pocket 5's of O'Reilly. The board of 3KAA3 gave Doug the pot, moving him up to $1,700,000 and sending O'Reilly out in 54th place.

9:43pm-Chip Counts

54 players remaining

Coung Do 1.8 million
Cheng Yu 1.7 million
Doug Kim 1.7 million
Erick "Rizen" Lynch 1.45 million
Brian Hansen 1.25 million
Rob Berryman 1.15 million
Mark Garner 1.1 million
Kyle Bowker 950,000
Dan Nassif 700,000
Humberto Brenes 700,000
David Murray 700,000
Raphael Doromal 600,000
Sean Johnson 400,000

9:40pm-Humberto Brenes wins a big pot

When the hand was over, Humberto only needed one card in his hand, the Jack, which completed the four-card Broadway straight on the board. His opponent held just pocket 9s and Humberto moved up to about 700,000.

9:35pm-John Ma eliminated

John's Ma's all-in re-raise with AQ turned out to be the wrong move at the wrong time. His opponent held AK. Ma leaves in 55th place for $123,699.

9:26pm-Bowker mucks probable winning hand

Kyle Bowker raises to 80,000 fomr the cutoff. Allen Cunningham re-raises for another 160,000 from the small blind. The big blind thinks for a bit and folds. Finally, Bowker, after thinking for a few minutes, mucks what was surely the winning hand face-up--The Hammer (72o). [Note: We now think Bowker is on his way to the final table.]

9:17pm--Stories from Day 5

While we've been providing live updates all day long, Team Blog has been hard at work chatting up our players as well. Here are some stories from today:

The Best of the Best (by Dr. Pauly and Mad Harper)

Rob Berryman Doubles Up (by Wil Wheaton)

Old King Coles (by Howard Swains)

The Return to Deep Stack Poker (by Wil Wheaton)

Brian Nadel Feels The Rush (by Wil Wheaton)

The Pain of Brian Nadell (by Mad Harper)

"Eu sou Brasileiro!!!" (by Mad Harper)

8:37pm--Updated PokerStars chip counts

Cuong Do 1,750,000
Kyle Bowker 1,720,000
Mark Garner 1,730,000
Dan Nassif 820,000
John Ma 1,700,000
Cheng Yu 875,000
David Murray 875,000
Brian Hansen 1,335,000
Eric Lynch 700,000
Doug Kim 705,000
Humberto Brenes 361,000
Rob Berryman 430,000
Sean Johnson 500,000
Raphael Doromal 250,000

8:45pm--Reuben Peters

Reuben Peters, the friendly, backward-visor-wearing PokerStars player has just been eliminated from the 2006 WSOP. Congrats Reuben.

8:43pmSean Johnson doubles

Just back from dinner break, Sean Johnson has doubled through Willaim Thorsson.

8:30pm-Day 5 play has resumed.

7:00pm... Dinner break

Play will resume at 8:30pm.

6:50pm... Clint Brotherton has been eliminated

6:48pm--Brian Nadell out

Brian Nadell has just been eliminated - and is devastated. All-in before the flop with ATc, he was called by Ken Jacobs with KJs. The K4J flop gave him two clubs but gave Jacobs two pair.

An Ace on the turn gave Brian even more outs - any club or Queen would have saved him - but nothing turned up. Brian fell to his knees, absolutely speechless with grief. Ken's father - a friend of Brian's - grabbed him in a bear-hug and said: "I'm sorry it was Ken that knocked you out." But Brian couldn't answer and was in tears as he walked out the room.

6:28pm--Rizen gets lucky, doubles up

All-in pre-flop with AJ vs AQ, Rizen just got really lucky. The board came out QJx...J...J and Rizen is alive and well.

6:15pm--Doug Kim doubles up

All-in pre-flop, Doug Kim held aces to AK, the board ended up with J9J63. Kim now has $1.1 million.

6:12pm--Alan Resh eliminated

Alan Resh has been eliminated after running pocket queens into pocket aces. Resh came in for a raise to 60,000 and was re-raised to 200,000, then pushed all in for 180,000. No queen came on the board and Resh was eliminated.

5:41pm--Aaron Baltzell knocked out

From the small blind, Aaron Baltzell moved all-in for $179k after the cut-off bet $60k and the button called. The cut-off folds, but Kevin O'Donnell calls for with KdJh vs. Aaron's AcQs. The flop puts Aaron behind with 2sJs4s, and 10d on the turn brings the gutshot into play. 7c falls harmlessly on the board, and Aaron Baltzell is out in 74th ($65,973.)

5:35 PM--Rob "Boilingfish" Berryman doubles up

Rob Berryman, the youngest player remaining in the field and the last player to qualify in the largest World Series qualifier in history -- also a sentimental favorite of Team Blog's Wil Wheaton -- dodged a flush to double through William Thorsson with pocket tens vs. pocket nines. Rob has just over one million in chips.

5:16pm--Rizen hits quads

Eric "Rizen" Lynch just picked up quads to bust a player and get up over the $1,000,000 mark again.

5:15pm--Dmitri's party is over

Live by the sword, die by the sword. A player in early position makes a small raise, Dmitri re-raises in the cut-off. Player flat calls and we're heads up. Flop comes 3h-9d-6d and first player checks. Dmitri moves in for his remaining $400,000 and the insta-call spells trouble. Dmitri flips Kh-10h for a bluff, the player has two black sixes for the set. Dmitri is drawing dead to runner-runner flush and it doesn't come. He's out.

5:05pm--Is this the slowdown?

After a 20 minute break and the blinds moving up to $10,000 - $20,000 and a $3,000 ante, play has slowed down a little. Perhaps this is the fall-off in action the TDs were expecting.

4:35PM--Two hands: Bad for Dmitri, Good for Peters

Dmitri Nobles in the small blind calls a $46k bet from Ricardo Vecasso. The flop
comes Jh-10h-3d, and Dmitry bets $40k with a call. 3c comes on the turn,
and both players check. 9s hits the river, and Dmitry bets $100k into the
$212k pot. Vecasso moves all-in for another $375k, and as all the other
players are streaming to the exits for their break, Dmitry folds. He's
sitting at $600k.

Sean Johnson and Reuben Peters are all-in before the flop, with Sean having
him covered but behind with his 8s8h to Reuben's red aces. The first four
cards of 3d10s7s6s give Sean a lot of outs, the spades plus two other 9's.
Kc ships the pot from one PokerStars qualifier to the other. Reuben sits at
$330k and Sean is down to $420k.

4:31pm: Updated Chip Counts

81 players remaining

Cuong Do 2.3 million
Kyle Bowker 1.7 million
Mark Garner 1.6 million
Dan Nassif 1.5 million
John Ma 1.1 million
Alan Resh 900,000
Cheng Yu 875,000
David Murray 875,000
Brian Hansen 850,000
Clint Brotherton 760,000
Eric Lynch 700,000
Doug Kim 660,000
Dmitri Nobles 600,000
Raphael Doromal 500,000
Humberto Brenes 480,000
Rob Berryman 430,000
Brian Nadel 430,000
Sean Johnson 430,000
Rueben Peters 330,000
Aaron Baltzell 260,000

4:30pm: Clint Brotherton finds Aces at the right time

Facing a 50,000 chip preflop raise, Brotherton pushed all in and was immediately called. Brotherton had AA and his opponent showed KK. There was no help for the Kings and Brotherton suddenly found himself at more than 760,000 chips.

4:25pm: Paul Greim busted, brutally

Minutes before the second break of the day, Paul Greim earned himself a permanent one. It was brutal. He moved in with A-Q on a queen-high board. Ricki Nielsen called with K-Q and was dominated, but the king on the turn sent Greim out.

4:05pm: Updated Chip Counts

Kyle Bowker 2,075,000
Mark Garner 1,640,000
John Ma 1,160,000
Cuong Do 1,100,000
Dan Nassif 1,100,000
Sean Johnson, 1,100,000
Cheng Yu, 1,060,000
David Murray 880,000
Brian Hansen 850,000
Dmitri Nobles 800,000
Doug Kim 800,000
Eric Lynch 600,000
Raphael Doromal 572,000
Rob Berryman 565,000
Humberto Brenes 375,000
Reuben Peters 340,000
Clint Brotherton 230,000
Paul Greim 215,000

4:00pm: Rizen doubles up with Aces again

Eric "Rizen" Lynch moved all in on a flop of Ac-Jc-4h. he had A-A and Clint Brotherton called with K-J. The turn and river were blanks and Rizen's Aces held up. He numped up to 600K.

3:44pm: Rick Mombourquette's Day Ends

Rick move's all-in with AdQc but is up against Andrew Schreibman's As-Ks. The flop of Kc9hQh hit both but Rick needed more, and 7c10h meant Rick's great tournament was over (86th, $51,129).

3:21pm: Cuong Do wins a big one

With the board reading AdQdKh5s, Cuong's opponent pushed with a diamond flush draw and Cuong called with A5 offsuit and two pair. The diamond missed on the river, and Cuong doubled up to more than 1.2 million chips.

3:20pm: Huge pot for Mark Garner

Mark Garner just took down an extraordinary pot, both in size and the way it played. A young Scandinavian moved all in for his remaining 200,000 and it was called in three other spots - one of them Garner. Four players saw the king high rainbow flop, with somewhere approaching a million in the middle of the table. Garner, first to act, bet 200,000 and both other adversaries reluctantly folded - each giving it the Hollywood anguish. The all-in played flipped his A-Jh, Mark showed K-8 to gasps from the table and rail. No ace came and the pair of kings was good.

2:50pm: Chip counts and eliminations

Paul Coles (99th) and Iago Lopez (101st) are elminated and each will take home $51,129. Iago took a wicked bad beat. His pocet Aces were snapped off by Samir Khoueis's 10d-8d when Khoueis flopped a flush.

96 players remain. Other chip counts:

Kyle Bowker 2.2 million
Cheng Yu 1.8 million
Mark Garner 1.8 million
John Ma 1.1 million
Dan Nassif 1.1 million
Sean Johnson 1.1 million
Alan Resh 975,000
Dmitri Nobles 970,000
David Murray 950,000
Cuong Do 914,000
Rick Moumbourette 911,000
Doug Kim 790,000
Brian Hansen 720,000
Eric Lynch 700,000
Paul Greim 650,000
Brian Nadell 625,00
Humberto Brenes 610,000
Rob Berryman 480,000
Aaron Baltzell 360,000
Clint Brotherton 230,000

2:45pm: Rizen's pocket aces hold up

Eric "Rizen" Lynch doubled up with A-A against Hossein Khodabanelou's 6d-4d. That put him around 700K.

2:39pm: Brian Nadell hits a two outer

He agonized over the call and got himself all in preflop with pocket 8's vs. pocket T's. Sam Khoueis had the T's and was in good shape... at least until the flop of 899. Sam found no help on the turn or the river and he was eliminated in 98th for $51,129. Brian now has more than 600,000.

2:37pm: Quick Updates

Dmitri Nobles continues to accumulate chips and has himself up to 970,000. Brian Hansen, on the other hand, has dropped back to 560,000. Then there is Paul Greim, who's on a bit of a rush. Short-stacked, he doubled up when his AT spiked an Ace on the flop vs. 55. The next hand, he faced a huge re-raise pre-flop but Paul pushed and got his opponent to fold. Another raise on the next hand won Paul the pot and he's now up over 650,000.

2:15pm: Players on 20 minute break

2:12pm: Dmitri Nobles doubles through David Murray

It was the last hand before the break, and Dmitri did it again. Last time, it was the last hand of Day 3 when his pocket Q's busted AT offsuit. This time, Dmitri woke up with pocket K's and got all in preflop against David Murray's A5 offsuit. The flop gave Dmitri a set and it was over. Dmitri now stands at 780,000.

2:09pm: Brian Hansen knocks down another

It's becoming a trend. Brian gets into a race and wins. This time it was his pocket 9's against his opponents AJ offsuit. The flop was K33 with two hearts and the 6 of hearts on the turn gave Brian's opponent a flush draw. The river was a harmless J and Brian moves up to 1.5 million.

2:05pm: Cheng Yu loses to Queens

He was one of the biggest chip stacks, but then he ran his AJ suited into pocket Queens. The turn gave him a gutshot draw leaving him 7 outs on the river, but it was just a Jack. Cheng is down to 1.8 million.

2:03pm: Eric "Rizen" drops again

AQ is not kind to Rizen. The first time he ran into Pocket Aces, this time he ran into pocket Kings after a flop of T63. There was a Q on the turn, but a 6 on the river left him with just 300,000.

2:00pm: Hit for Dmitri Nobles

Dmitri Nobles raises from mid position, then calls a short-stack's all in re-raise. Dmitri has A-Q, the short-stack has 4-4. The pocket pair stands up all the way and our man from Houston is down to $375,000.

1:50pm: Double up for Paul Coles

The Englishman re-raises all-in from the button after the cut off tries what looks like a blind steal. It's called and Coles shows 8-8, the original raiser has A-Qd. Flop, turn and river are all blanks and Coles doubles up. Coles is now sitting next to Dave Murray.

1:22pm: Steven Goodemote eliminated by John Ma

After Steven Goodemote ran into A-A with J-J, he was cripled. Goodemote made a move with his short stacked and the Q-T of clubs. He was called by John Ma with 9-7 of hearts. The flop of Q-5-2 was great for Goodemote with only one heart. But Ma caught running hearts when a 3h fell on the turn and the Kh spiked on the river. Goodemote busted and will take home $51,129.

1:15pm: Sean Johnson's luck continues

After sucking out earlier, Sean looked down at pocket Aces and found himself all in against Steven Goodemote's pocket J's. The board was all undercards until the Q on the river. Sean moved to 1.1 million chips and Steven found himself crippled.

1:10pm: Paul Griem busts one

Paul Griem was holding AK when he got all in vs. Q-T. The flop was A-9-J giving Paul top pair but his opponent a gutshot. The 3 on the turn and the Q on the river were harmless and Paul moved up to more than 500,000.

1:05pm: Dmitri Nobles' luck turns

Dmitri Nobles has had his fair share of suck outs himself, but this one was a little rough as it went the other way. Holding A-4, the flop came A-4-Q. Dmitri got all in against AT but watched the board go K, then J for broadway. Dmitri now sits at 600,000.

1:03pm: Cheng Yu bullies Annie Duke

Cheng Yu raised from early position and found himself facing a re-raise from Annie Duke. He called and obviously liked the flop of A-J-7 because he check-raised Annie and forced her to lay down her hand. Cheng is up to 2.3 million. The pot was so big that Annie Duke helped him rake in his chips.

1:00pm: Sean Johnson sucks out

Sean Johnson isn't afraid to put his stack in the middle. With a flop of K-T-2, Sean pushed all in with 89. His opponent flipped AK and Sean was in big trouble. The dealer peeled runner-runner 9 off the deck and Sean doubled up to 528,000.

12:55pm: PokerStars Eliminations

Arturo Morales (127th), Chris Back (123rd) and Debra Lalor (117th) were eliminated. Morales will take home $47,006 while Back and Lalor have each earned $51,129.

12:50pm: Rizen runs into Aces

It was bad timing for Eric "Rizen" Lynch when he looked down at A-Q offsuit. A shortstack moved in holding Aces and despite catching a gutshot straight draw, Eric lost the hand and a big chunk of his stack. He now sits at about 600,000.

12:45pm: Chris Back eliminated

Chris Back lost an unfortunate hand. He was all in preflop with a race. His A-K lost to Daniel Kreitzman's 6-6. The flop was all blanks, but Back turned a King to take the lead. But Kreitzman rivered a set of 6s to bust Back in 123rd place. Back won $51,129.

12:40pm: Brian Hansen busts another

It was all in pre-flop and Brian Hansen's A-K was behind the 9 Seat's pocket 9's. Brian never found an Ace or a King, but he rivered broadway to send his opponent packing. Brian moves up to more than 1.4 million chips.

12:30pm: Debra Lalor loses a race

Debra Lalor called an all-in holding pocket 7s and faced K-Q suited from the 8 Seat. A King came on the flop and Debra couldn't find either of her outs. She now sits at just about 200,000 chips and finds herself in need of a double up.

12:05pm: Iago Gonzalez busts two on the first hand; Corey Butler eliminated

Iago Lopez Gonzalez busted two guys on the first hand. Bart Gilliom and Corey Butler moved all in preflop. Iago looked down and saw Q-Q and quickly called. Iago's Queens held up in a three-way pot against Gilliom's 6-6 and Butler's A-Q. Iago moved up to 570K in chips after that hand. Corey Butler, who entered the day as one of the shortstacks, busted out in 135th place. Butler won $47,006.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in World Series of Poker