WSOP Main Event: Day 7 Updates

2:19am--ESPN final table set

Fred Goldberg has been eliminated in tenth place. Goldberg jammed from the cutoff with Q3. Richard Lee woke up with kings and that was it. A full wrap-up is on its way.

2:13am--Back from break, blinds up

Blinds are up to 80K/160K/20K

1:50am--Updated chip counts

Guaranteed prize: $1.1 million

Erik Friberg ($160 Double Shootout qualifier) 9.85 million (3rd)
Doug Kim ($650 satellite qualifier) 5.4 million (7th)
Dan Nassif ($160 Double Shootout qualifier) 2.8 million (9th)


A break is on and that means it's about to get later.

1:21am--Fred Goldberg doubles up Binger

Fred Goldberg's pocket tens couldn't hold up against Michael Binger's AQ. We almost had our final table there.

1:00am--Morning coming, Goldberg chipping up

All props bets have been paid up and it is now after 1am. The main man in action is Fred Goldberg, who must have read some Harrington at the break. He's playing his short stack like a well-tuned instrument.

12:34pm--Doug Kim making his moves

Facing a limp and a raise, Doug Kim jammed in his entire stack and picked up enough chips to get him up to around $5 million.

12:20am--All-in? Sure!

So much for no all-in and calls. Jamie Gold just made top pair and got all in against Paul Wasicka's set of fives. Wasicka has doubled up to around seven million.

12:07am--All-in? No, thank you, sir

With just one player to lose before the end of play and the big-money final table, putting all one's chips at risk is not the type of thing these players are willing to do much. And when it did happen a bit ago, it forced Doug Kim to lay down his raise.

11:45pm--Big blinds and antes

Players are playing 60K/120K/20K. That makes it 380K per orbit to play. That gives the short stacks enough time to fold for a few orbits, but not enough time to sleep their way to the bigger money.

11:35pm--Ten-handed chip counts

Jamie Gold: 26.7 million
Allen Cunningham 17.7 million
Richard Lee 7.8 million
Dan Nassif 7.4 million
Doug Kim 6.54 million
Paul Wasicka 5.6 million
Erik Friberg 5 million
Fred Goldberg 3.9 million
Rhett Butler 3.8 million
Michael Binger 3.8 million
11:15pm--Friberg sneaks a smoke

Smoking is verboten in the convention hall here, but Erik Friberg needed one so bad, he took a page from Brownsville Station (or Motely Crue, if you prefer) and headed off to the head for a little smokin' in the boys room action. In a conversation (on which I eavesdropped like a CIA operative), Friberg dragged on his smoke and talked with writer Jon Vorhaus.

Vorhaus: "You need to put your sunglasses again."
Friberg: "I need to put them on so the TV cameras don't notice my anger."

Friberg has been on an up-and-down trip since the dinner break. He confessed a little tilt. Then posed for a picture with Vorhaus and headed back to play for $12 million.

10:58pm--Updated chip counts

Doug "technologic" Kim 7 million
Dan "Danxxx1" Nassif 5.7 million
Erik "lirarerik" Friberg 5 million

10:54pm--Friberg busts Force

We're down to the final ten after Erik Friberg busted Lief Force. Friberg flopped top pair to Force's flush draw and one over. Force missed all his outs twice and exited in 11th place. Now, play will consolidate to one table. When we lose one more player, we're down to the final ESPN televised table.

10.25pm--Friberg turns and climbs again

After haemorrhaging chips for about 40 minutes, Erik Friberg takes one down. He bets 300,000 pre-flop, Jamie Gold calls. The flop is Ah5d6s and both players check. Turn is a 6c and Erik bets 300,000. Called from Jamie. On the 7s river, Erik moves all in. Jamie dwells but folds.

10.20pm--Doug Kim takes one down
Doug picks up about 900,000 after his pre-flop bet is called by both Jamie Gold and Erik Friberg. He moves in on a board of 8h4d9c and both others fold.

10.15pm--Friberg's freefall continues

Erik Friberg opens up with a bet from early position for 300,000. Rhett Butler, who hasn't played much, raises to 900,000 and Erik dwells but calls. On a board of 10s-2s-8d, Erik checks and Rhett moves all in for about 2 million more. Erik folds and concedes another million.

10:01pm--Dan Nassif loses to a two outer

Dan Nassif just got his kings cracked by Michael Bingers pocket queens when a queen fell on the flop. Nassif appears to have lost about half his stack on the rough beat.

9:59pm--Friberg on a downward spiral after double up

On a flop of 8cJs3h, Kim bet 400,000 and Friberg called. A nine of clubs fell on the turn and both players checked. The seven of hearts on the river drew a one million bet from Kim. Friberg called. Kim showed AJ for the win.

9:57pm--Friberg takes on Cunningham

...and loses. On a board KQ5AT with three spades, Cunningham bet close to a million on the river. Cunning showed AT for two pair and the win.

9:53pm--Down to 11

Fred Goldberg has just busted John Magill with pocket nines vs. pocket fives. We're down to all players, one off the final table, and two off the final ESPN table.

9.40pm--Friberg doubles up through Gold

Big, big hand for Erik Friberg. He doubles through chip leader Jamie Gold and is up to 7.4 million. Jamie raises pre-flop, Erik calls. The flop comes 9d3h2d and is checked by both players. The turn is 10d and after Jamie bets, Erik moves all in. Jamie calls with AdQh - overcards and the nut diamond draw. Erik has 10-8 for top pair and no draw. The non-diamond three on the river is good for the Swede and he's now in third place.

The much-anticipated slowdown to the bloodbath seems to be upon us.

9:30pm--Friberg takes a small hit

Allen Cunningham makes a 500,000 bet on a board of 10hAh7s and Erik Friberg calls. They both check the turn (Kc) but then Alan bets out on the river of 6s. Erik folds - giving Allen a million dollar pot.

9:00pm--Coming back from break

We're coming back from break. With 12 players remaining, PokerStars has three qualifiers and one long-time and dedicated player left in the field.

Erik Friberg: 7 million
Fred Goldberg: 6.7 million
Dan Nassif: 4.3 million
Doug Kim: 4.5 million

The media have been discussing how long it will take to get down to the final table. The line has been set at 11pm. I've taken the over. Also, I've got the three PokerStars qualifiers against John Magill at 5-1. I feel pretty comfortable with both ventures.

7:10pm--Dinner break chip counts

Friberg just stood up to Jamie Gold on the last hand before the break.

Players are now on dinner break. Here are the approximate chip counts for the remaining PokerStars qualifiers:

Erik Friberg: 7 million
Dan Nassif: 4.3 million
Doug Kim: 4.5 million

6:37pm--Friberg, meet Jamie Gold

Erik Friberg has been moved to the feature table. It happens to be the table that's featuring man-eating chip leader Jamie Gold.

6:29pm--William Thorsson eliminated

And yeah, Jamie Gold did it. Thorsson had jacks to Gold's kings. We're down to 12 players. Everyone who finished from here on out is guaranteed more than a million bucks. Three players to go until the final table of the main event.

6:21pm--Friberg starts to battle

After looking downtordden for much of the day, Erik Friberg seems to have found some energy and seems to be playing every pot, betting into flops, and playing the game that got him this far. Careful, fellas, 'cause the sleeping giant ain't hittin snooze anymore.

5:55pm--Friberg picks up some chips

John Magill called Erik Friberg's big blind. As4dQc came on the flop. Friberg checked. Magill bet 400,000. Friberg then made it a million to go and Magill folded.

5:54pm--Guess who busted another one?

Yeah. Jamie Gold battled with AJ on an A5x flop and was up against A5. He turned his jack for a better two pair.

5:43pm--Picture time Pt. Deux

Erik Friberg, sans glasses

Doug Kim, under the TV cameras

Dan Nassif, looking more awake as he looks at the payout structure

5:37pm--Friberg busts Kevin Aaronson

Erik Friberg has just busted with Kevin Aaronson with AQ vs T4. We're down to 14.

5:29pm--Down to 15

Sirous Jamshidi has been eliminated. We're down to 15.

5:20pm--Jeff Lisndro eliminated

Jeff Lisandro took a huge hit to his stack when he lost with J-J against Paul Wasicka's K-K. He had a chance to qualdruple up with his last few chips on the next hand. However, after getting called in four places, Lisandro's hands (which he mucked on the river) couldn't stand up to two pair. He's out in 17th place.

4:51pm--Break time

Time for 15-minute break.

4:47pm--Picture time

Erik Friberg

Doug Kim, all-in

Dan Nassif, not nearly as asleep as he looks

4:38pm--Down to 17

David Einhorn just suffered the Jamie Gold treatement. His KQ couldn't hold up against Gold's Q6. We're down to 17.

4:28pm--Kim in action

Michael Binger came in for a raise from the button to around 200,000. Doug Kim called from the big blind. The flop came out 7sks9h. Both players checked. The ace of diamonds came on the turn. Doug checked and Binger bet out 400,000K. Kim called. The 9c came on the river. Both players checjed. Doug showed AJ, which was good for the pot.

4:16pm--Is this it?

There have been wide and bold predictions about a massive slowdown in action. I'm not saying this is it, but, dang, it could be.

3:59pm--Cannibalism predicted

All of the remaining PokerStars qualifiers are now sitting on one table. Among them, they have a little more than 15 million in chips.

3:45pm--Back from break

Back from break, we have 18 players remaining. People are scratching their head at how fast the tournament is playing so far. At this moment, there are two people who are fairly close to push or fold mode. There are a couple more who can wait for a bit before getting desperate. However, to this point, no one has paid a great deal of attention to the concept of "just hanging around." With guaranteed prize money of more than 650,000, who knows who will give a damn about hanging around.

3:28pm--Chip counts at the break

Dan Nassif 6,200,000 (3rd)
Erik Friberg 5,200,000 (8th)
Doug Kim 4,900,000 (9th)

3:22pm--Down to 18

With the elimination of Dustin Holmes, we're down to 18 and two tables. Three PokerStars qualifiers remaim: Dan Nassif, Erik Friberg, and Doug Kim.

3:08pm--Doug Kim doubles up

Doug Kim raised preflop and was called by Jamie Gold. Flop was Ah-7h-Ac and Doug moved all in. After waiting four or five minutes, Gold eventually called. He had 6-7o and Kim had A-8 for a set of Aces. Kim is up to $4.5M.

2:56pm--Friberg rebuilding

After losing the big pot to Cunningham earlier, Erik Friberg is rebuilding, having just won a pot to bring him back up over the four million mark.

2:42pm--Down to 19

Prahlad Friedman just did the same thing a lot of people have done in the past several days. He lost his final hand to chip leader Jamie Gold. Friedmas goes to the rail in 19th place.

2:37pm--Nassif wins a million

Nassif raises from middle position to 225,000 and gets called by the big blind. The flop comes Qs3dQh. Both players checked. The turn came as a four of clubs. Both players checked. The river came as the three of spades. The big blind bet out 300,000. Nassif called and flipped over aces. The big blind mucked and Nassif raked the pot.

2:35pm--Kevin O'Donnell busts

O'Donnell makes it 180,000 from under the gun. Cunningham makes it 450,000 more from the big blind. O'Donnell makes it another million. Cunning moves all in. O'Donnell and shows kings to Cunningham's aces. No king came and O'Donnell is gone in 21st place, winning $494,797

2:28pm--Doug Kim takes a big one

While we missed the early action, on a board is 5478, Doug Kim moved his entire stack into the middle. Prahlad Friedman thought forever before mucking his hand.

2:22pm--Kevin O'Donnell wins a big one

John Magill raised to 250,000 under the gun. O'Donnell called from the small blind. The flop came down AdTs9c. O'Donnell checked and Magill bet out 500,000. O'Donnell makes it an even million. Magill calls. The five of diamonds fell on the turn. O'Donnell moved all in for 1.8 million. Magill dwells forever before folding AQ face-up.

2:04pm--Blinds up

Blinds will be moving up to 30K/60K/10K

1:47pm--Chip counts at the break

Dan Nassif 5.8 million
Erik Friberg 4.2 million
Doug Kim 2.575

1:43pm--Friberg doubles up Cunningham

Under the gun made a raise pre-flop. Erik Friberg called in mid-position. Alan Cunningham called in the small blind. So did the big blind. The flop came Ks2c5s. Both blinds checked. The original raiser bet out 200,000. Friberg raised to 400,000. Cunningham then moved all-in for 2.25 million. The big blind and the original raiser folded and Friberg, after thinking for ages, called. Cunningham showed pocket fives for a set. That's better than Friberg's pocket nines. Friberg said he put Cunningham on the spade draw.

1:35pm--Down to 21--break time

Lee Kort has been eliminated in 22nd place. We're on a 30 minute break while the TDs color up some chips.

1:22pm--Down to 22

The elimination of Rob Roseman brings us down to 22 players.

1:04pm--Eric "Rizen" Lynch eliminated

Eric "Rizen" Lynch has been eliminated. A6o vs. Jamie Gold's TT, all-in pre-flop. Board: 989QQ
Team Blog: Sad
Lynch places 24th for $494,797.

12:58pm--Scary moment

A scary moment that had nothing to do with the cards. On of the plasma TVs set up for spectators fell off its stand. For a moment, I thought one of the stands of bleachers had collapsed. As it turned out, the loss is only going to be technological.

12:34pm--Rizen getting it started

Eric "Rizen" Lynch and Doug Kim are both playing on the featured table today. The seem intent on giving the TV viewers something to watch. Rizen picked up a nice-sized pot of Kim without showing down his hand.

12:27pm--Mark Garner eliminated

Dustin Holmes raises, Mark Garner, qualifier from Little Rock, Arkansas moves all in, Holmes calls with pocket aces. Garner has pocket fives. The board ran out K67Q4. Garner is out in 25th place. For his tremendous efforts, he earns $494,797. Garner's parents flew in last night. He was simply happy to have a chance for his parents to see him play.

12:25pm--Down to 27

Just a few minutes into play, the field has been reduced by one player, leaving PokerStars with with five out of the remaining 26 players. Here's who we'll be watching today:

Erik Friberg

Erik "lirarerik" Friberg is the picture of calm at the table and the same applies off. He said he is 23-years-old, from Stockholm and that he plays online as "lirarerik", where he won a $160 double shootout to book his spot in Vegas. Typically, the cards were otherwise kept close to his chest; he's giving nothing away. Friberg cracked pocket aces today with 4-5 out of the big blind to rocket toward the top of the leaderboard for the seoncd day in a row. Chips: 7,735,000 (2nd)

Dan Nassif

With 5,430,000 in chips, Dan Nassif is well within shot of the $12,000,000 top prize. He is here on his own, having banned anyone from coming to support him until he makes the final table. He said: "I've been calling my parents and friends in the breaks but I don't want anyone coming here yet. That was my idea at the beginning and I'm sticking to that." Chips: 5,430,000 (5th)

Doug Kim

The Duke University homegame regular and good buddy to online wunderkind Jason Strasser, Doug "technologic" Kim, had an up-and-down day today that ended on the good end. He finished with nearly 3.6 million in chips, enough to put him in the top half of the remaining field. Chips: 3,595,000 (11th)

Eric "Rizen" Lynch

After having his aces cracked today, the poker phenom looked like he might be down for the count. Instead, he doubled up with 20 minutes left and got back in the fight. He is currently in the middle of the field. If anyone doubles him up tomorrow, they best be careful or he could very well be final table bound. Chips: 1,785,000 (17th)

Mark Garner

"Thrilled." That's the first word that escaped Mark "MGCAPRI" Garner's mouth after he bagged his chips at the end of the day. The 43-year-old bond broker is here after winning a 160 double shootout on PokerStars. While he only has 635,000 in chips, he's guaranteed almost half a million bucks in prize money. Retire early? "Not yet," he says. He'll be looking to double up early on Tuesday. Chips: 635,000 (26th)

12:15pm--Day 7 begins

Day 7 of the World Series of Poker is underway with five PokerStars qualifiers left in the full field of 27. Team Blog is on the case and will provide you live updates throughout the day, night, and morning.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in World Series of Poker