WSOP Main Event: Feature Table Becomes Must Move

by Craig Cunningham

After the dinner break, the ESPN Feature Table looked a bit different. The lights were doused, cameras were covered, and staffers were ready to move on to coverage around the poker room. Waiting for the players was a new table, Table 6. It sits between Tables 5 & 7, thirty yards away from the ESPN Feature Table. For PokerStars qualifier Randall Hughes, it brought him closer to the exit as he busted out shortly after the break. For PokerStars qualifier Robert Burns (above), it was ninety feet away from the exit. By the last break of the night, Robert had built his stack back up to $10k. He was back where he started but better than he'd been. More importantly, he was still here.

Of the ten players who'd started at together under the lights, only four remained. PokerStars qualifier James Olson (above, in cap) was up to $30k, back to a good foundation to make a return to cash a second year in the Main Event. Scotty Nguyen looked in good shape as well. These two may see more of each other before this tournament is done.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in World Series of Poker