WSOP Main Event: Four leafed clovers, rabbit's feet and horseshoes

by Mad Harper

Only three people in the world know that "irishlust" is here at the World Series - and if irishlust had had his way, only one person - his wife - would have known. But unfortunately Ann told her mum and dad so now it's practically a crowd rooting for the 43-year-old Indiana chef.

It's not that irishlust is modest, but my god, he's superstitious. He's doing pretty well now on Day 1a with around 28,000 in chips so there was no way he was taking off his own t-shirt when I offered him a PokerStars one. He just popped the PS one on top.

Ok, lots of players don't like to change outfits if they're doing well. And lots of players also don't want to give their real names - which is another of irishlust's superstitions. But most people would probably tell their children or work colleagues or, jeez, maybe a couple of friends that they had just won a seat at the WSOP after an investment of precisely zip. Not irishlust. He told Ann. She told her parents. And that's it. He told the staff at his 120-seat restaurant in Indianapolis that it was "a family emergency."

What is also quite remarkable about irishlust is that he's only been playing poker three months. He said: "I saw it on TV everywhere and thought I'd give it a go." He set up a PokerStars account and was soon enjoying modest success in the smaller $4, $10 and $20 tournaments. He said: "I'm a grinder, I don't gamble. I sit and wait for the right cards. I'm doing OK online. I have had some good wins." Irishlust is here in Vegas courtesy of a 150FPP tournament. He made the top four which put him in a double shoot out which he also won. He said: "I am thrilled to be here but it's odd. I just knew I was going to win the seat. It was instinct." Well, irishlust, fingers crossed for success - and no walking under ladders.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in World Series of Poker