WSOP Main Event: FPP qualifier Lee Sullivan

by Mad Harper

When Lee Sullivan won her seat at the WSOP, she did three things.

  • a) tell her boyfriend Joe (well, he was sitting right next to her).
  • b) ring her parents (she left a message which they didn't understand; they thought she wanted to borrow $10,000 to play poker -- which they weren't happy about)
  • c) tell the Straight Dope message board.

    For those who don't know (I didn't), Straight Dope is a syndicated Q&A column from the Chicago Reader. Lee's been a signed-up member for ages and a keen participant in the regular Thursday night, 5c buyin (yup, 5 cents!) online SB tournament. I am slightly amazed that these guys (probably all fearsome academics) are prepared to spend two hours playing in a tournament for a possible first prize of 50c -- but Lee loves it. Two of her friends from the game -- "Duke of Rat" and "Yeticus Rex" have even come out to Vegas cheer her on, the first time she has ever actually met anyone from SB in person.

    Lee Sullivan -- Photo Copyright Rob Gracie - IMPDI

    Lee's involvement in the SB tourney is part and parcel of her Jekyll/Hyde existence. By day, this willowy sandy-blonde from Alexandria, Virginia, is an academic carrying out historical research for corporate clients. She studied Medieval Christianity at university and has an MA in Medieval Studies. Her boyfriend Joe is a political consultant.

    But by night, Lee is out with the lads. She said: "All my interests are guys' interests. And when I get into something, I really want to master it. The first time I ever played poker was when I went with friends to Atlantic City. I bought a book on Hold'em before we left. When I took up pool, I really worked at it and was team captain within a year. When I took up Ultimate Frisbee, I ended up on the South Bend team, travelling the state for competitons."

    Lee's bible for poker is Harrington on Hold'em so she's a little bit freaked out that he got busted last night. But her strategy remains the same: survival. Normally her top limit is 25c cash games and $10 touraments (biggest win to date: $350) so today is going to be quite a ride. She qualified on PS in a 4000 FPP tournament. Sitting next to her at Table 109 is Horace, the teddy her parents sent her for good luck. On the rail are "Duke of Rat" and "Yeticus Rex" -- plus most of my male co-bloggers who have fallen in love with Lee and are pestering me for her cellphone number (I am not releasing it!). Boyfriend Joe isn't here because he's tied up with a house sale back home but I have a message for him: if Lee makes it through Day 1 - please, you just have to come out here! Lee also has her own blog

    Note: While getting her money in as a 2-1 favorite, Lee couldn't make it to the dinner break. Though she was too polite to say so, she fell victim who thought a check-raise would work against her top two (after she had already opened the pot and bet the flop). Still, we like her quite a bit and look forward to seeing her again.

    Brad Willis
    @BradWillis in World Series of Poker