WSOP Main Event: Greg Raymer Eliminated

By Dr. Pauly

Two champions at the start of the day

I had been standing on the rail closely watching Greg Raymer's every move for most of Day 2B. If you've played in poker tournaments or sweated friends or family members from the rail, you know how boring poker can be. It's probably even more frustrating for the players when they are not getting cards or worse, getting marginal hands out of position or when there's been a raise in front of you.

Raymer appeared cool and calm like he always does, but I could sense his frustration level was growing. Despite having a shortstack, that did not deter him from making any bad decisions.

"It's been a tough day so far. I've been outflopped a lot," he mentioned before he went on a break. "I gotta catch better cards or I'm done."

Raymer finally got a big hand, pocket Kings, but he didn't get paid off and picked up a small pot. That seemed to be the case for most of the afternoon. With several big stacks to his right and a few weak-tight players to his left, he was in an ideal position to pick up chips and steal blinds. However, most of the action at his table was fast in front of him. When players would come into pots preflop with his raise, Raymer would peek at his cards and quickly muck them.

With about five minutes to go in the break and the blinds at $400/$800 and a $100 ante, one player in EP limped and another raised to 2K. Raymer looked at his cards and moved all in. He slid on his trademark sunglasses as ESPN cameras rushed over to capture the hand. His opponent waited for a few moments and asked Raymer to count out his chips. He eventually called and flipped over A-A. Raymer reluctantly showed 8-8. After a flop of A-9-5, Raymer knew he was drawing almost dead. He needed running 8s to survive. The river was an unless 8.

Raymer jokingly picked up the Ace on the flop and tossed it into the muck. He picked up one of the burn cards and positioned it on the flop. That card ended up being the case Ace which got a laugh out of everyone at the table.

The classy Raymer shook everyone's hand including the player who busted him. Raymer outlasted several hundred players on Day 2B. Despite today's outcome, Raymer is still a champion in my eyes.

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Brad Willis
@BradWillis in World Series of Poker