WSOP Main Event: Here on a Song: Nashville Qualifier Bobby Paine

by Craig Cunningham

Bobby Paine is a songwriter from Nashville, Tennessee. Jeannie Hawkinson is a back-up singer with Bobby's band, International Country Underground. They've travelled to Las Vegas after he won a double shootout to win his seat to the Main Event. "I've been learning, watching a little," said Jeannie. She's here to support Bobby in his quest to hopefully join fellow singer Marcel Luske at the final table of the Main Event. I asked him what his plans were for today. "Win, man. Do whatever it takes. Just move and groove with the chips. I came here to play."

After finding him at Table 80 3s, I asked him how the first level was going. "This guy next to me caught a flush to take a pot from me, but I'm still doing well." He had taken a couple of pot through bold betting early on, playing to his own tune. Bobby's table lacks any big names, so he's hoping that his gameplan will hold up. He's a bit outgoing, a born entertainer and ready to play any role he needs to get through a hand. He's playing without fear, and why not?

When he finishes for the day, whether he busts out or bags his chips around 3:00 Monday morning, he'll have a song in his head and kisses on his lips. That should keep him going for a long time.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in World Series of Poker