WSOP Main Event: Horrible beat sends Australia's 1st WSOP bracelet winner out

by Ali Lightman

I've just heard that one of Australia's best known poker players, and one of our own on Team PokerStars, was knocked out today on a horrible beat.

I'd been searching the tables for Gary Benson, who has cashed in many a tournament Downunder, and 1996 won Australia's first ever WSOP bracelet, in Limit 7 Card Stud , and just learned why I couldn't find him.

He flopped a set of tens earlier on today and was all in with an opponent who'd found trip 7's, when the unthinkable happened, and the only card that Gary didn't want to see - the fourth 7 - came on the river.

I called Gary a little while ago to ask him about it but he wasn't answering his phone. Much as I'd like to write up the story, who could blame him?

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in World Series of Poker