WSOP Main Event: Louie Anderson's F-Bomb Penalty and Other Assorted Moments

by Dr. Pauly

Comedian Louie Anderson participated in today's flight for PokerStars. Early on, the host of Family Fued found himself in a little hot water after he was issued a ten minute penalty for foul language. Louie Anderson fell victim to the controversial "F-bomb rule," where any player that uses the dirty word will be given a ten minute penalty.

"I didn't think I did anything wrong," Louie explained to me. "I muttered it under my breath and didn't think it was loud enough that anyone heard."

Actually the dealer heard Louie's F-bomb and called the floor over.

"You got to be f----- kidding me," Louie said in retort.

The floor person sent Louie to the rail for ten minutes. He took that incident seriously and realized that he needed to focus more at the tables.

"I can't believe I'm still in the World Series of Poker," he said.

Louie built his stack up to $12.5K after he took an early hit. He doubled up with 7-7 when he turned a full house when his opponent made a straight.

Louie is a definitely hit with the fans and spectators at the Rio. He's been stopped for numerous photo and autograph requests and has been always accomodating.

* * * * *

Barry Greenstein signed copies of his book Ace on the River for fans at the Poker Stars booth in the Poker Lifestyle and Gaming Expo.

In other Team PokerStars news, two former world champions played on Day 1C including Greg Raymer and Tom McEvoy.

Raymer had an up and down day. He was down to $3K for a while until he went on a run and had around $15K by dinner break. He eventually doubled up with Ad-10d against a fellow who had an open-ended straight flush draw. Raymer's opponent missed all of his outs while he turned two pair.

McEvoy caught some lady luck when he doubled up with a short stack. He cracked pocket aces with K-K.

Chris Bigler slowly added to his stack over the afternoon up to $20K, then took a hit a slipped down to under $10K.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in World Series of Poker