WSOP Main Event: The New Chipleader--Kyle Bowker, Takes a Massive Pot

by Craig Cunningham

Update: 6:30PM

Kyle has held strong at $1,150,000, but he's witnessed some sick hands. "The 6s had AA vs. K-Q, and they got it all in on the flop after a queen hit. Then the same guy moved in against the 6s again. That guy had aces again, this time against pocket 7's. And a 7 spiked on the flop." He was happy to stay away from all that action.

Update: 4:40PM

Kyle Bowker has attracted an audience as he's taken the chiplead. Table 195 started as one of the three biggest tables in the room based on chip average. "Three of us started with over $400k," said Kyle, "so we haven't had a ton of crazy play. In fact, the 6s is the only seat where we've had a new player; we've had five players there today."

Kyle is originally from Walton, New York but now lives in New York. "This is my first World Series. I played in a $2.5k Shorthanded event and a $2k event, but I didn't do much in either." He's done much now, and has held onto the chiplead at a table still filled with chips.


PokerStars Qualifier Kyle Bowker moved to $1,110,000 on a huge hand that gave him the chip lead. With $280k in the pot, he moved all-in on a board of 2h-6s-Qh-2d, the first million-dollar pot of the tournament. As fellow PokerStars qualifiers Rick Mombourquette and Vaughn Sandman looked on, John Magill contemplated for two minutes. He picked up his hand, shook the cards a few times, then watched his $250k bet move away from him as he mucked the hand. Kyle turned over Ah-10h for the nut flush draw after Magill showed Qs-7s for top pair. The dealer pulled her hands back as they both wanted to rabbit hunt, and Kyle fished out the Ac which would have given him a pair of aces and the hand. The pot was more than enough for hime, and with it comes the Day 4 lead.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in World Series of Poker