WSOP Main Event: What a Nice Engagment for Rob Lederer

by Craig Cunningham

PokerStars Qualifier Rob Lederer and Michelle Ye grew up together in New York. "We've been best friends since we were 12," said Michelle as she railbirded Rob. "I went to NYU, and Rob went to Brown." Michelle graduated in 2004 and headed to a PR firm in New York. Rob soon followed last year, taking his Applied Math and Economics degree to a management consulting firm.

Michelle didn't talk alot about Rob's poker play, although he's made a nice move from $341k to $600k after the second break. She did divulge the details of how he proposed. "It's most elaborate, but I'll tell you. We went to the Museum of Natural History to an IMAX movie. After we watched the movie, Rob asked if we could go to the booth where they project the film. So we went to the booth, and the operator asked us if we wanted to watch a trailer. So we went and sat down, and then this trailer came on with scenes from all the romantic movies. Then our song came on, "Kiss Me" from She's All That. I told you, we grew up together. Then there is more, and then the words Will You Marry Me come on the screen."

Wait, there's more.

"A limo was waiting for us, and we went to the Water's Edge for dinner. He told me we had dessert reservations, but then the limo took us home. He had candles and rose petals all over the house when we got there. Then the next morning, he had this great brunch for our families."

Players at his table should beware before re-raising him. He obviously know how to go over the top when everything is on the line.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in World Series of Poker