WSOP Main Event: Will the Real David Matthews Please Stand Up?

by Craig Cunningham

If you've flown a good bit, chances are you've gone to your seat in 17A, only to find a lovely young lady sitting in the same seat. You check boarding passes, and yes, you both have the same seat. PokerStars qualifier David Matthews was sitting at Table 60 6s, when a gentleman approached the table just as the dealer started the first shuffle. The player produced is seating card and, in fact, he also was to be in the 6s. "Floor!" The fact that the same name, David Matthews, was also on both seating cards complicated things even more.

The real Dave Matthews?

"My actual name is Davidson Matthews," said the newcomer, who looked eerily familiar from ESPN WSOP broadcasts in the past. "I go by David, and I should have thought that something like this might happen. One of the tournament directors escorted Davidson back to the cashier so they could figure out what happens next.

Of course, there is another David Matthews that people have heard of, the lead singer of the popular Dave Matthews Band. "I have a couple of their CD's; you know, I almost have to listen some to them," said David. "There not my favorite group, necessarily." David taught math in Dayton, so he'll be well schooled in all of the statistical components of play today. The Dave Matthews Band is notorious for their heavy touring schedule. If David makes it deep here, he'll look forward to living his dream, traveling the world on the poker circuit. He'll fly first class, hopefully never having someone ask for his seat again.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in World Series of Poker