WSOP: PokerStars goody bags

Spoiler alert: If you're a PokerStars WSOP qualifier, the type of person who likes surprises and doesn't want to know what kind of cool stuff you'll be getting upon your arrival in Las Vegas, read no further.

I'll admit, I own more PokerStars gear than I'll ever be able to wear. Having friends in the right places will fill a closet pretty quickly. Still, even I have a neat moment of anticipation every time a new event kicks off and our chief bag man, Rich Korbin, gets on the case. Once again, Rich has not disappointed me. In fact, I'm more impressed this year than I have been in recent memory. So, for all of you PokerStars WSOP qualifiers wondering what you'll be getting when you get here, I offer a sneak preview of the official 2006 WSOP PokerStars Goody Bags.


* One duffel bag (top left), big enough to carry two watermelons or a medium-sized dog.
* Baseball jersey (below bag)
* Letterman-style jacket (right of baseball jersey)
* Two baseball caps, one commemorative baseball, and a plush teddy bear (on top of jacket)
* PokerStars t-shirt (right of jacket)
* Basketball jersey (right of t-shirt)
* Hockey jersey (bottom left)
* Soccer jersey (bottom right)
* Commemorative card capper and trading cards (on top of soccer jersey)

So, there you go. That should be enough stuff to last all of you qualifiers through several days of play. There's little I'd enjoy more than seeing nine of you sitting around a final table decked out in the stylings of the 2006 WSOP.

See everybody when you get here.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in World Series of Poker